Synthetic Flesh
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Synthetic Flesh is my own little experiment. It's basically me trying to make aggressive synth music with lots of metal influences. So far I haven't used any "r
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#50 (Main) 1
A song that is perhaps slightly more varied than some of my other SF songs. There's some catchy/melodic parts, some heavy parts and then even a calm part.
Peak position #23 1
The most rhythm oriented and perhaps most experimental song on this EP.
Peak position #43
A lot more melody driven compared to many other Synthetic Flesh songs.
#6 (Sub-genre) 2 1
Just one long relentless outburst with constant beating and that's how I wanted this song to be. What little dynamics exists in this song I wanted to keep therefore the mastering volume is quite low. Please turn it up. It's meant to be LOUD!
Peak position #66 3 3
Peak position #5 2
One of the fastest songs I've ever written.
Peak position #9
Peak position #9 1
The opening song and probably my personal favorite from my new EP Illusions.
Peak position #73 1
Peak position #5 1 1
Peak position #6 1
The closing song from my new EP. It's one of the slowest and most melodic songs from this project so far.
Peak position #9 1
Just a fast and crazy song written to keep the energy level up from start to finish.
Peak position #42 1
Peak position #10 2
Peak position #11 1
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