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Greetings! Reminiscent of a time that never existed… Inspired by the works of Clint Eastwood, David Lynch and Tim Rice... Draggin' Suzy is pure unadulterated Chick Rock set in a post-apocalyptic Glittering Afterglow. These women invite you to enjoy their tales of love, loss, heartbreak and Renewal… Oh yeah- It’s never not a Soulful thing… Angeline London... Ld Vox and Guitar. Suzy Velvet... Bass and Bk Vox. Erin Oliver... Drums and Bk Vox. We are pleased to announce the release of our debut album "Parallel Universe"... Buy the CD Thanks for visiting... sit back, relax, grab a frosty beverage and feel Free...
Band/artist history
Following an invitation, folksinger Ange showed up at Suzy's house in early 2002 with acoustic guitar in hand where she was promptly informed (by Suzy and Erin) that she would now be the frontwoman for an all girl electric band... the rest is herstory...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We prefer not to (amps are soo heavy)- but when the red phone rings and a friend's band is in need- we're there!
Your musical influences
Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, Tim Rice, the Blessed Mother and Child, Neil Young, Angus Young and Exes with Axes :c).
What equipment do you use?
Old Ibanez Artist, Girly Washburn, Guild, Fender Jazz, Sparkly Gretch, Peavey Amps
Anything else?
We would like to say a special thanks to Jenny Webber, Kate French and Bill Bentley for their talent and inspiration. And oh ya- LONG LIVE ROCK!!!
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