Rock Portland, OR  USA
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This is an alternate, song specific page for the Torch Junkies. If you are interested in updated, detailed information about this band visit our other page Work in progress... Just some more aging guitar hacks learning how to master the recording process and looking for feedback as we climb out of the ooze. We are here out of love for the creative process and hoping to create a few sublime moments of shambolic synergy......
Band/artist history
We met at a gloryhole and saw each other holding our instruments tightly.....someone said "Hey, wanna jam?"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sort of.. We're half dead so I guess we need it. Special moments? Rare moments when five assholes link arms and sing Kum Baye Ya together.
Your musical influences
Do you mean who I steal from?
What equipment do you use?
Why do you want to steal it?
Anything else?
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