Yezda Urfa
Rock Albuquerque, NM  USA
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Band/artist history
Yezda Urfa is a U.S. progressive rock band that formed in the fall of 1973 and existed until the spring of 1981. We took the progressive form nearly to its limit in terms of instrumentation and composition. Rather than just doing what others were doing, we did it to the extreme. We have been compared to Gentle Giant in terms of vocal arrangements and instrumentation, and Yes in terms of the rythm section and vocalist, but our sound was no doubt original. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a recording deal during our existance. However, some eight years after the demise of the band, we were discovered by Greg Walker of Syn-Phonic, and our second self-produced but unreleased album, Sacred Baboon, was released on LP. A few years later, the album was re-released on CD.
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