Kevin Wayne
Rock Portland, OR  USA
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Kevin Wayne is a singer-songwriter-guitarist from Portland, OR USA. Writing much of his own material, he records and publishes new music out of his home studio in Portland, OR USA. At one time, Kevin used to busk for a living just to make money for laundry and personal items. More recently, he gave up Street Performing to concentrate on recording. Having played guitar since he was 16, he's also recently taken up the harmonica. Many label his music as Folk-Rock, but others have noticed a distinct Classic rock/Retro Rock element behind it all. Elements of The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Larry Norman, U2, The Beatles & Elvis Costello can be heard in his influences. When not working on promoting or recording music he's hanging out with his Girlfriend Nicole Shannon at a movie house or restaurant or park somewhere. Listen, purchase and download his albums "No Use In Crying" and "Rock 'N' Roll Nation" on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play. Coming soon: The artists remix of his classic album "The Rose of the Streets." Kevin Wayne - Rock 'N' Roll Nation: Mp3 Album available now for download here. BONUS: Buy entire album and get 2 extra tracks. Individual tracks available for purchase here. Vital Stats & Pertinent Info: Name: Kevin Wayne  Location: Portland, OR USA  Occupation: Songwriter, Producer, Occasional Busker  Activities: Guitar playing, Live Music, Hanging with friends, being with my fiance', Nicole. Accomplishments:  Recordings:  Released Own Recordings Under the Following Titles:  *Live For Today, 2001 (4 - Track CD Single)  *No Use In Cryin' 2010 Availible on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play & Spotify *The Rose Of The Streets, (Currently being remixed for re-issue.) *Rock 'N' Roll Nation 2013  Availible on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play & Spotify Recorded Songs Featured in the following Compilations:  *"Live For Today" - Original Composition on "George Fox University Campus Album," 1994 (Cassette) *"Big Black Smoke" (Cover) on “Do It Again” 1999 (Kinks Tribute CD)  More Info: *"Dandy" (Cover) on “The Great Lost KPS Album on (Kinks Tribute CD)  More Info: Songs Written By Kevin, Covered By Other Artists:  Mirjam Tamara Brinkman: Pictures Of You  Wania Weller: Pictures Of You  Red Marlowe: Rock 'N' Roll Is Going Country Songs "Beatitudes" and "He Has Shown You" sung in various Church Congregational Settings.  Performed live in various coffeehouse, church and Night club settings. Busked for a living.  Film:  Songs "Street Corner Rock Star" and "Dying Young" used the documentary  “Artbeat of the City" Television:  Appeared on the Portland Community Media programs "Low Comedy" and "The Praise House." 
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