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Experimental, Odd, Death/black metal, Jazz, Classical, modern rock, instrumental, guitar hero stuff, its basically my musical diary, jimrossprojects, bandwhore
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a little rough practctctctcin
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wanna start a band bruh part II - return of the perverted touch~
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you probably have bugs...lol
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plain vanilla... haha
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ap;sjvbaosvhoajmhbjwrbjf b' ! #zsmugfnpz8uyt pnvahgz8hg yes its a no
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I made this John Williams "Home Alone Theme" in 3 days for my friend Jake/Protector101 for an youtube episode of AVGN- lol.... JW is amazing- great stuff!!! *check 'lyrics' for link to AVGN.
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what IS in a name!!!!!!!!!
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103018 halloween bat sh**
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one of many songs started with my friend DaniDysembrioma
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Bach n Roll- from JSBACH bourree partitia 1 for violin.
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remembering old things
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