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Experimental, Odd, Death/black metal, Jazz, Classical, modern rock, instrumental, guitar hero stuff, its basically my musical diary, jimrossprojects, bandwhore
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#57 (Sub-genre)
Peak in sub-genre #43
sounds with no direction or stories to tell...
#63 (Sub-genre)
from False Resolutions(2)
Peak position #17
Brandenburg#3 in G allegro practice- 3 violins=3 gtr bridge/ 3 viola=3gtr neck/ cell/bass=2 bass gtr/ 8 part harmonies by JSBACH
Peak position #19
"I cant play guitar like Segovia. The flip side of that is that Segovia could probably never have played like me.-Kurt Cobain/ Yeah, I don't buy that- i learned/tracked this all in an hour. I'm sure Segovia could have learned your song(;
Peak in sub-genre #30
Peak in sub-genre #42
practcicicin---rough... barely making it thru---
kaustos impasse
Peak position #38
Bach from 1st Cello Suite
Peak in sub-genre #52
Bach from 1st Cello Suite
Peak position #99
Peak position #80
piano improv
piano improv
Peak in sub-genre #30
dadgad improv
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