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Age of Oil (Waiting for the Fall)
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July 05, 2009
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It was as if there was a contest To see how many holes could be dug To see how much of it could be sucked from the ground To kill off every beetle and bug To kill off every woman and child To kill off every man And they put it all in barrels Then they put the barrels into cans That's how it was at the end of the age of oil It was like a competition To see how big everything could get From the highways to the strip malls To the giant TV sets From the MOABs to the draglines Monster trucks and SUVs And the massive roaring chainsaws That cut down all the trees That's It was like they were trying to see How many garbage dumps they could fill How many flagpoles they could squeeze Onto a single windowsill How many countries could be bombed How much black gold they could drill How much coal could they extract If they just blew up the hills That's It was as if there was some kind of test And the only way to pass Was to turn the planet's atmosphere Into a cloud of poison gas It was like the only thing that mattered Was the death of life on Earth That seemed to be the proof That you had made your money's worth That's And now here we are Rotting in this bubble And I'm looking at my grandchildren framed in by the rubble Wondering what I coulda done To avert this fate But I was too busy playing concerts Saying f*** isn't life great That's
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