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Morning at the Minnehaha Free State
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June 16, 2005
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David Rovics
David Rovics 2000 All Rights Reserved
It's 6 o'clock and the air is filled with good things The scent of eggs and coffee drifts upon the wind Not far away the sacred fire burns One sentry's shift is over and another one begins People gathered from the four directions United by a love of life, pledged to stand or fall It's Wounded Knee and People's Park united Here will be born a homeland, not a highway to the mall (chorus) It's morning at the Minnehaha Free State A little strip of stolen native land Along the banks of the Mississippi Right here the Mendota make their stand The Mendota people lived along this river Fish among its waters and hunted on the plain Now they are a people with no homeland And they say here beside the river they'll remain (chorus) And when the cops and dozers come To carry off every face Will you come to Minnehaha Rise up, lock down and take their place? (chorus) ---- Created December, 1998 Copyright David Rovics 1998, all rights reserved
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