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First and Last (OLD 1982 recording)
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This song was recorded in 1982 on a cheap little portable tape recorder with a built-in mic, and I hope I will be healed enough to be able to re-record it because the lyrics below have been slightly revised from the original version.
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September 29, 2010
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5:14 minutes
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To Be Announced
Try Try Again Project (TTAP)
Story behind the song
It's about recognizing that our partner in love is often very much like a mirror that show us a reflection of our self. Generally speaking, what we give is what we get, like what we sow, we reap.
The First and the Last I searched for my love, for my place. I searched for my freedom, for my dream come true. But as I passed through time and space, I found at last that my search was for you. We've been down that road, where we just had to go. I guess we all need some hard times to grow. And I've been on long journeys to the back of my mind. And searching my soul within made me lose track of time. Now the last has come first, and this is true. The first is as one with the last, within you. Love lets us feel like we’re the oldest of friends, And see in our eyes words we need not hear. Love is such a reward for just making amends, And being in love we have nothing to fear. When love is true, it never grows old. We learn from each other what cannot be told. I am but half of a man without you. Love is a mirror that lets me see myself in you. Now the last has come first, and this is true. The first is as one with the last, within you. Copyright © 2009 - 2010 TTAP
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