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Atmospheric Groove
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Never Tear us Apart - INXS Vrsn. This production is the Video/Single version & I feel one of the finest I've done, due to the pure simplicity & beauty of this Powerful Ballad. (-)Love,Peace,Music.(-)
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Day-One Cover of Maroon 5 - This Love 1st Part of Double Release. ''A fun funky pop track to work on, I had a ball ! '' ~(*.*)~ Hope you enjoy this Halloween release ~(*.*)~
Sun Sea & Beats :-)
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A laid back journey down a winding path to the Sea shore :-)
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'Cry For Help' by Rick Astley. The first of three songs added to the '2013 Live Set'
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An athmospheric tapestry of sound filled with emotion. This Song is the Darker Brother of 2 Tracks from the same experience.
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My version of Tomoyasu Hotei's famous track from Kill Bill, when Deadly Viper O-Rens posse enters.... but with a twist, mean synth solo & a bit of help from 'The Sweeney' ;-)
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Its a Cool Dance mix of parts of the Tracks, Where We All Came From ( Unreleased ) & UltraTige, but with the Festival Spirit ;) Massive, Monster 8 minute Dance Mix :) (-) Free Download (-)
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'This is a Proud Release, One of My Best Productions, ( Day-One ) Featuring The Amazing 'Guitar Scientist Par-Excellence' - Jonny Brand..... :)
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Kickin Beats
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The Sun Always Shines On TV - Aha The Opening Song of our Current 'Almost LIVE' Set.It will be the First Uploaded mp3 of ours to include Full Meta-Data, which means, it will now Show all info including Artwork of the song in your player (-)
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