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Instrumentals Fresno, CA  USA
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My Journey (The Album)
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Band/artist history
We grew up together and we all love God. This is a site for you to go to and listen to instrumentals created by The New Breed. We have beats for sale, lease and collaborations is a possibility. We're business oriented however very open to ideas, feedback, and anything to help each other grow. Leave comments, subscribe, and contact us at for further information.
Your musical influences
Mezzer, New Breed-NFX-Girlie-Tik 777-Top Producers
What equipment do you use?
Top Secret
Anything else?
Shadow Al has performed all over the Bay Area, from Oakland, San Francisco, all the way to Vallejo. He was the first rap artist to perform in the Pistahan in San Francisco, and the first to perform in front of the mayor of San Francisco in City Hall. He opened for June Palistico a well known celebrity singer in the Philippines in several of his shows. He co-host with Cocomo in the Cocomo Show with The New Breed. He has performed in colleges, art venues and will be performing during the summer all over the Central Valley with “The New Breedâ€쳌. He was the C.E.O of Shadow Productions in the Bay Area. The label at the time provided studio time for artist and gigs all over the Bay. They networked and established a name for themselves. Challenges came about however, to where that Label seperated and thus Shadow Al had stopped making music for some time. He was faced with a choice, “give upâ€쳌 or “keep flowingâ€쳌. Shadow Al decided that everything happened for a reason, and in time found God and thus a new vision came to be. He realized “if you have a dream then visualize, if you know what it means to be thirsty, I can assume you know what it means to tryâ€쳌. He is known as a passionate, motivated, artist who seeks knowledge and easily falls in love with the music. He has been fortunate to work with fellow local artist such as Doing It Moving, SP, Girlie, NFX and Mezzer. He constantly moves forward keeping at it even if others are reluctant to believe in the movement. Shadow Al is a song writer, producer, as well as part of a duo with World Apart Productions. His experiences and outlook on life helps create his songs. The topics in his songs constantly change, giving opportunity to express something different. For example, one of his main songs “Faithâ€쳌 produced by Mezzer talks about a man who seeks God only to lose himself, but in the end find God once more by using his heart. Growing up, Shadow Al had learned at a very young age that life can be difficult and unfair. As time passed, the imperfections of life that he saw was replaced with hope. God brings him that light and the ability to make music. His childhood friends, Lucifer and Sekuma, gave him the nickname “Shadow Alâ€쳌. From the age of 13 up until the present, he has always desired to better himself. Music is expression and with it comes a message and a responsibility to not only himself but the listener as well. You can visit and there you can listen to some sample songs along with information on how to get his demo CD. When asked “Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?â€쳌 He answered “God, for without him I am nothingâ€쳌! When asked “Any last words?â€쳌 He answered “Keep flowing.â€쳌
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