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Blues. My consciousness is still being bullied by strangers, but they are much dimmer. Used to busk. Thankyou for looking May 2019. Love/art/animation/rob
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Peak position #79
After ZZ Top did La Grange there was a rash of guys attempting boogies. Then in the 1990s I went busking and attempted to make my clumsy effort into something entertaining as a busker.
Peak position #70
1990s busking song.
Yet another from my busking days. I was objecting to some hecklers in this one, rather than my unpopularity.
Peak in sub-genre #20
Another from my 1990s busking collection. Sorry about the quality. In those days I recorded everything on a little cassette recorder.
Peak position #82
This is an actual recording of me busking on the streets of Fremantle in the 1990s. Hard Dough was one of my experiments that I never really took seriously beyond busking. Badly played, but authentic "me".
Peak in sub-genre #15
This is a Don't Give Up thing from when I was a busker. It's about two tramps, each keeping each other's spirits up. Down but not out. I have probably published it already, if I have I'll review each upload soon.
Peak in sub-genre #15
Imagine two hobos in 1930 sitting around a campfire by a railroad track. I've given it a radio feel with a filter. I recorded this one back in the mid-1990s when I was a busker and liked to imagine myself in depression era America.
Peak position #72
This is later than 1990s, about 2005 I think. It was on a Pink compilation cassette, around the time of her fourth album. She had great songs for a couple of albums there, Vietnam and Love.
Peak in sub-genre #15
At times busking, being on the spot to perform, produces one's best. This is another from my busking days in the 1990s. Originally called Schizophrenia".
Another from my 1990s busking days. As you've probably noticed a lot of my stuff is super stuck on what cool guys in my day called "helicopters', but this is different.
Peak in sub-genre #18
Another of my busking songs from the 1990s recorded on portable cassette. I recorded both the "live" on the malls and my practise sessions at home. The number at the end appeared when I uploaded.
From my archive, an old busking tune from my 1990s which I stupidly turned into chipmunks with the cassette dub trick on my duel player. It's about the heavy penalties for being suspected of mental illness.
Peak position #85
Advancing my two string wiles and ordinary clickety click, this one seemed natural, although it is not, for me, about anyone in particular, save a club that might, theoretically, bandy my name for private glees.
Peak in sub-genre #20
Idea of mine. The vocals on the last verse could be better.
Peak position #82
Yes! It's an addition to my earlier work on Spooky!
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