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An Irish harp piece with flute. Lesl Harker, Irish flute; Eileen McIntyre, harp.
Peak position #69
two Irish jigs
Peak position #68
Two Irish reels at relaxed tempo.
Peak position #78
slow jig on a Michael Burke whistle. I think it's an early version of Brian O'Lynn.
Peak position #85
two of my favourite hornpipes on whistle.
Peak position #40
Two reels on whistle given to me by Mike Rafferty.
Peak position #59
A well-loved seafaring song which we recorded in London long ago at a rehearsal, copied to a partly resurrected cassette. Guitars and vocals by John DeJong and Lesl.
Peak position #36
two great traditional East Galway reels - whistle duet from IAANJ Live cd
#16 today (Sub-genre)
(preview of track) Lesl [flute] et al. Rockaway session players.
(preview of track) Lesl [flute] et al. Rockaway session players.
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