J Prock
Rock Southington, CT  USA
Thank you!
I do this by myself, for myself as a hobby
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Peak position #55
My 59th original song!
Peak position #99
Watching the snow fall and this song comes to me
Peak position #63
Holy moly. It's been 8 months since my last song release. Man, does time fly or what.
Peak in sub-genre #9
A mid-March inspiration from PRock Studio
Peak in sub-genre #46
Another song about the love of my life. My lovely wife. :-)
Peak position #80
My 54th original song. My thoughts about Christmas gifts. The picture shows the bells I use to record the jingle bells in my Christmas songs. Got them from the Dollar Store. Nice.
Peak position #57
A song from the mind of PRock
Peak position #78
Thinking about how our time is running out.
Peak position #75
An instrumental
Peak in sub-genre #35
From the Mind of PRock. Jess sings background
Peak in sub-genre #50
From the mind of PRock
Peak in sub-genre #31
From the mind of PRock
Peak in sub-genre #67
This guy loves his wife.
Peak in sub-genre #50
Song about getting back outside and on the road
Peak in sub-genre #92
I guess my mind wandered during winter. Also I wanted to try a few new production ideas.
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