Blue Lemmings
Blues Los Angeles, CA  USA
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Blue Lemmings is my escape from the Crown City Trio, who I regularly play harmonica and do some singing for. The Lemmings are comprised of whomever I can drag
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Peak position #51
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Phillip Hamilton on Guitar.
Peak position #39
This is the second track on the Tackle Barn album. Just keyboard tracks with multi-tracks of me singing and playing harp. My currant band, Crown City Trio, thinks this too controversial to learn.
Peak in sub-genre #15
This tune came the first time I was messing about with keyboard memory. The lyrics came to me right away so I stuck them on with my 4-track. I felt it was too short, so I splice on the intro from another project. The song is about 15 years old.
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Hank Williams is the country man of all time. This is Phillip Hamilton on guitar and a mini vocal, myself on harp and lead vocal hashing out a version trying to emulate Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan's version.
Peak position #48
Phillip Hamilton on guitar, myself on harp and lead vocal.hashing out a version trying to emulate Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan's version.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Andrew Patcheck- Guitar, vocal Phillip Hamilton- Bass me- harp
Peak in sub-genre #11
Phillip Hamilton guitar, myself on bass. Some over-tracking on the vocal, and effects added to salvage less than perfect take. It's just for fun, dedicated to my Dad until I can record a proper fishing song.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Ken Marcus on Guitar
Peak position #24
Created on Sony Acid. A challenge from my daughter, who said I couldn't do any metal songs (heh, maybe I can't!). Wrote the lyrics that day at McDonald's while she was in Hopkito class. Constructed the song during breaks while on jury duty 2007.
Peak in sub-genre #22
Andrew Patcheck composer, guitar, vocal. Dalton Perry- harmonica
Peak in sub-genre #13
One of my favorites. Phillip Hamilton on guitar. An extreme variation of version of Arther Cruddup's classic as revised by the Crown City Trio. Also has been covered by Elvis and Creedence Clearwater. Added harp layers and misc. effects. 0.......
Peak position #53
Put together on my first 4-tracker with keyboard generated drum track, a little tasteful harp, and mult-tracked and re-pitched vocals, this song was a lot of fun to do. I hope Brian Wilson approves.
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This cover of CCR's Proud Mary features Andrew Patscheck on guitar and backing vocal. Andrew was featured vocalist on the "Original" Crown City Trio cover of this song (2000). This version is likely one of my first lead vocals outside of the shower
Peak in sub-genre #9
There was a request to hear a song with our band. Contrary to this picture this song was not recorded live at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, but rather live at a normal practice, featuring (L to R) Steve Sattler, meself, Don Vena, and Jeff Kinsey.
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