John Bowen
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Sweet As You
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February 14, 2017
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John Bowen
She is the master Diva She did her best at breaking me down Nobody can explain it The artful way she tore my heart out She sold me quite a story She lied to me and said she loved me I hastened to believe her She wore me down and tried to break me You have seen me oh so broken You rescued me from pain She could be so warm and charming She never could be quite as sweet as you She’s really not so special Your average narciscisstic lady Another special snowflake Some mother’s spoiled misguided baby She wants someone to cling to A fool she can possess completely Why did my will surrender? You threw me your love line so sweetly In your debt I am forever I was trapped for so long She had me so blind to her truth She never wanted to be as sweet as you Bring me to your place of wonder My world is bright and new She could give me all her treasures She never could give me a love as sweet as you. (She wasn’t quite as sweet as you. She never was a lady) c 2017 John Bowen
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