Zombina and the Skeletones
Alternative Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom zombina.com
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Female fronted rock n' roll punk band. Three/Four part harmonies, crazy organ, and surf guitar. Lyrics mainly about horror movies, death, space travel and heart
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#30 (Sub-genre) 3
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Peak position #82 5
Peak position #16 9
all stand for the death valley high theme song!
Peak position #45 10
janie's been stood up on prom night. her heart breaks in doo wop style. she's not having fun and she wants to go home!
super fast killing spree themed song from death valley high. here's where janie starts her demented revenge!
Peak position #38 9
zombina metal! kind of... sing along with the chorus, EVERYBODY'S GONNA DIE!!!X7
Peak in sub-genre #5 7
zombina's favourite zombina song!
Peak in sub-genre #1 12
let us remember the old gas lit legend of springheeled jack, jack the ripper's mysterious paranormal cousin...
Peak position #31 7
a beautiful song of hate with border brass courtesy of the trumpet player from Stig.
Peak position #35 7
The debut single!
Peak position #5 19
It's hard to make friends if you're a flesh eating corpse.
Peak position #52 7
Taken from the album! Space debris meets girl. Girl loves space debris. Girl gets radiation poisoning and dies. Alright, alright!
Peak position #66 7
The first song offa 'Taste the Blood'. Short n' sharp with Zombina and Doc Horror sharing lead vocals.
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