Blood Paradise
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BP are a bunch of corporate memory-destroying fret-wanking MTV-supporting fame-chasing money-grubbing grave-robbing publicity-loving nostril-hair-braiding vacuo
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Leo fofooo! Friend of girls you give to ometer murder in shows of the Frejat. * * * J Abaj|04.13.04 - 8:05 p.m.|# Lu and Ju. Cs make a lack of the dog. E Juliana: it does not forget my Caloi. Juliana|Homepage|04.13.04 - 9:37 p.m.|#
Basically, you should only upload songs that you completely created, wrote, and performed yourself.
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Crunchy, with a great message.
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This song does not suck
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a lively little tune with a lovely little brass skull
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a little number somewhere between 1 and 3
The amount of different subgenres seems to indicate a violation of the classification rule. Please re-classify your songs where applicable.
Processor or remote audio anomoly application connectivity, application distributed scalar fragmentation normalizing logarithmic. Network services, recursive, bridgeware messaging log.
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Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With chunky peanut butter.
Peak in sub-genre #48
I learned a valuable lesson today don’t keep the Windex refill bottle and the blue mouth wash next to each other. I grabbed the wrong bottle and gargled with Windex, the great thing is I realized before I swallowed any of it bet that shit is nasty!
This is exactly how it happened
My friend pulls up and swings around to embrace me. She is layers of musk and hard work. If I licked her arm, I'd taste salt. When I moved to the desert, this desert my friend lives in, I stopped wearing make-up. She never goes without it.
Peak in sub-genre #29
Rev Steve wrote this wonderful lyric, to the tune of some other song. Steve sang it, I arranged this remix, the crazy mofos at Blood Paradise played it.
2 AM Comments - Now I am a diligent youngster. Explored E: I go to work tomorrow and later. I said that to work in landlord it was the dream of all adolescent of middle class, né? Then, the dream changed
Peak in sub-genre #59
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