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Tony DeLecce
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Peak position #12 3 4
Baby Blue a Badfinger Cover new April 2019. A remake of this cover from scratch I did a few years ago. Drums matching original and overall a better attempt at one of my favorite bad finger songs.
#82 (Main) 4 5
A work in process. Harmonies redone to match the recording more. This started as an exercise in learning Hey Jude on Piano. and turned into something else.
Peak position #45 11 10
Cover of John Lennons Imagine. New piano for Christmas so had to try something on it. Not my strongest instrument but...what is? New 2/18/2018
#90 (Main) 1 1
A song I came up with on piano and had the tune for about 6 months with no words. New Years coming seemed like a good backdrop to the melody.
Peak position #59
Peak position #8 7 4
Truly the emporer has no clothes if you look hard enough. Made up story of a girl who finally sees what has been right in front of her. Better late than never. New 12/28/2017. 1/9 reaches toppermost of the poppermost brit pop charts.
Peak position #20 14 12
A Jazzy flavored acoustic song. Old style reminiscing song. One thing about getting older is you can remember many things that are now so different. New for April 2015.
Peak position #31 2 2
Christmas song done for 2018. I always liked the gene Autrey version of this song. A good exercise for the one man band got to use all my toys.
Peak position #31 16 15
Written for the Clickers Club Challenge 1/2016
Peak position #26 28 25
A Brit Popping Song I wrote that I have redone for inclusion on my 2nd CD. A One Man Band Production July 2009.
Peak position #32 11 11
These Memories total remake 1/8/2006. Words/Music Tony DeLecce. A little Jazz flavor. Now featuring Jim DeLecce on lead guitar. Wes who? Me on Rythm Guitars/Bass/Vocals/production.
Peak in sub-genre #6 9 8
Soldier Alone at Christmas. Please support our troops. This song was redone by Juri. My brother Jim and I Splitting oohs/aahs backing vocals. Whos who I sure dont know anymore. . Thanks Juri and Jim. Beautiful Strings! A John Lennon feel.
Peak position #79 14 12
Devils never cry-Brit Rocker. Thom Fronauer on Lead Guitar, Me on rythm guitar/bass/keys/vocals/new drums. All instruments/vocals are recorded 2006. Low harmony and bass updated 3/2008.
Peak position #54 14 15
3rd placein Compo10.wk133.All instruments performed by Svenni. Me on all vocals. Vocals remixed 11/30/2004. Love that Strat Strutting! Click on Svenni's link on my band page to hear his music you wont be dissappointed.
Peak in sub-genre #21 9 8
Madness of the Moonlight A jazzy little piece. Totally rerecorded on 1/21/2006. A one man Band Production and now featuring Chuck Knepper on the middle lead guitar. Thanks Chuck. Me on everything else. New mix 4/29/2006 G&L Bass added.
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