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I have been singing and playing guitar since I was 8. My mother sings, My uncle sings and my sisters. I have a 3 octave range and started out doing Led Zepplin
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I remixed and remastered this demo, planning on a full production Its about the music biz and a tribute to Robert Plant
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Cover Tune I updated. Vocals Guitar production.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Original Song written in the style of Alvin Lee from 10 years after. I tracked and produced this limited arrangement to seed the final cut.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Spando Ballet. Just hsd to try this!!
Peak in sub-genre #21
My favorite Journey song. I tried to get the Eventide effect but I guess I need to buy one...It worked a little.I love singing Steve Perry songs, and the Lead was not easy to copy soundwise but here it is!!! Where were you when this song came out?
Peak in sub-genre #16
My tribute to Gary Moore. I played this video over and over. I used tab. I looped parts until I kinda got it. Look I'm not Gary but I hold my own. And I did the vocal too.
Peak in sub-genre #27
This goes out to George, John, Mike and Kevin. We did Queensryche like no one else could!! You guys rock!! I did my best. And it took a bit....
Peak in sub-genre #11
Favorite Duran Duran song. My version!!
Peak in sub-genre #73
Kick back to the 80's
Peak in sub-genre #11
Song for all of you with regrets, or lost love
Peak in sub-genre #35
Song that goes out to Dave and John Rheaume, John Floridia, Wayne Moody, Tom Moulton and Kenny. Miss you guys, hope you all do well!!!
Peak in sub-genre #13
For My dad. He never asked for help. I wish he had. This goes out to anyone that needs a shoulder.
Peak position #78
Just a Voice and a Piano
Peak position #97
Just Blues in F. Great little jam I did on cubase with drum tracks and canned stuff...WTF.....
Peak in sub-genre #14
An instrumental of the original song by LONESTAR. I love this country song and thought it would sound great as an instrumental.
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