Thank you!
hello I am Hideki! dont know what to write here actually.. who cares anyway ha :D
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This is just a test. hmmmmm.. I am getting somewhere but I am still not happy with the low end
Peak position #22
Peak position #13 2
full version of snippet below. theres still gonna be some changes in the mix and arrangements for the album release (which is hopefully in winter). pardon untight takes but its just concept here, aye.
Peak position #95 5
electro/ebm kinda idea
Peak position #31 7
dear god, this one was a pain in the ass
repetitivemixtest tits
testing cabsims in low F#
Peak position #8 4
trying to get my mix to sound right using cabsims
Peak position #6 15
new song using 7 string with coldsweats
this is the new mix. its not really loud yet but I will do that in the mastering stage. next post will be a full song again, promised!
comprare to mix below. what a difference!
fretbuzz sucks =/ I really need a 7 string. like the idea though
Peak position #14 19
I think Im gonna play some ff now
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