Change Up (feat. Quis)
© Klumzii
Author: aNthony Lee
[QUIS] - Chorus
Wake up in the morning, ain’t no better feeling,
than turning over looking in your eyes,
they can take away all of my money, take all of my cars,
you’re the only thing I need in my life,
cause you been down for me since day one,
and I been down for you since day one (don’t change on me)
so don’t you ever change up (change on me)
cause I ain’t gonna ever change up.

Don't change up on me cause I changed up my lifestyle
Took out my negativities that made it hostile
Looking at the postivity, thinking mentally
How it hurt so much physically, its f***ing draining
I'm still the same person, same voice, different clothing
Didn't really notice, downing bottles is so important
or just being intoxicated, for people to notice
You got to be joking, are you guys serious?
Man... that was the old me
You gotta respect yourself as a human being
I hope my message gets to you and take it personally
It took me years to notice that I should be living differently
My music is the passion, the lyrics are the key
Once you understand them, you can see what I see
You've been here since day one, now its twenty fifthteen
Welcome to my new journey, The New Klumzii

[QUIS] - Chorus