Love Isn't Forever (feat. Kandal)
© Klumzii
Author: Klumzii
Silly me, thinking this love is forever (ever)
Together we were, unbreakable by nature (nature)
How could this be, you're telling me your leaving (leaving)
Cause love to me, has finally found it's meaning (meaning)

who would of thought that love would be (Where did I go wrong our love was so strong)
the one to put me in misery (pain in my heart every time it beats)
I gave you my all, but you forgot (got me lost and confused babe)
I can't believe that you played with my heart

check it out, let me tell you this
how you end up in my lyrics
first my life, then my music
this blessing is going distant
love yesterday but now imma image
burning through your mind to ashes
the passion, its not lastin
regret me now, but it happened
labriyth, im trapped in
nicknames, we made them
was you real, or fakin
nightmare got me taken
away from this life, back then
stray jacket, im strapped in
another victim to your love, now im captive


i thought we was meant to be
i didnt knw it would end like this
but love isnt always good, ya know


Silly me, Thinking this love is forever