Rollin (Prod. by Junel Rubio)
© kLumzii
Author: kLumzii
// Lyrics - kLumzii //
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
Triple threat (3 Rollings), Im ballin
Popping bottles in the club
Smell the smoke im blowin
Im in this place, Now im with it
So Deep Entertainment,
Get wild, Get crazy,
Go straight ballstic ah!
Killing it, Call of Duty flow
Wrapping (Rappin) up a storm, Sushi roll
Chop stix you up, Lumber jacket
Sick when i spit, Cause im intoxicated
Mad that i made it
Cause i stay dedicated to my dreams
I say, I say
I put it down for my city
They call me crazy, Maybe
Maybe lazy, Cause i get it my way
Yo, Im rollin, Rollin,
R O F L on yall
Kilt my opponent