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MYSTICA and her ELUSIVE DREAMS Her name alone creates mystic impressions, this girl they call MYSTICA. MYSTICA, along with her ELUSIVE DREAMS, Ken Ryder & Billy Ballog, have began entertaining Las Vegas in a way reminiscent of her very successful career in the Philippines. Leaving at the peak of that career for the US for a little relaxation was her plan, but what she found was another venue and another song to sing. To do that, she has assembled a band comprised of Las Vegas musicians with decades of experience. The band members are Ken Ryder - lead guitarist, Billy Ballog - keyboardist, Eddie Regal - bass guitarist, Scott Woodward - bass guitarist, and Mark Stanley as drummer. MYSTICA AND HER ELUSIVE DREAMS are billed as Sultry Classic Rock, which, after you have experienced MYSTICA'S sweltering voice of husky lows and brilliant highs, the word sultry is the only word that applies. WEBSITES: www.mysticastar.com www.elusivedreamer.com www.myspace.com/mysticarockdiva www.youtube.com/user/mysticavideos FOR MORE INFO OR FOR MYSTICA & HER ELUSIVE DREAMS BAND BOOKINGS, PLEASE CONTACT THE BAND MANAGER, DON SMITH AT mystica_bookings@yahoo.com Country: United States
Band/artist history
Her name alone creates mystic impression, this girl they call Mystica. As a singer, she delivers a dynamic performance and she's definitely known far and wide as the provocative, twistedly sexy, amusingly funny, sensual, flirtatious, vivacious and vampy. In reality, Ruby (her real name) still has that typical Filipina girl-next-door look, but as Mystica, she's no typical girl-next-door. The moment she starts voicing out a tune, she becomes a Singing Goddess, bewitching her audience and capturing their hearts. Her voice is soulful, husky yet bouncy - whose style is a cross between Gladys Knights and Bonnie Tyler. As an entertainer, she's got an intensity and magic of her own. Her wit and sense of humor shines through in all of her performances. She is original. Since relocating to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in the early years of her career, eventually becoming a Canadian citizen, she has honed her craft and became a professional entertainer of international caliber. Not only has she trained as a singer under LORAC Prod. in Vancouver, but also as a dancer, model and actress. Her accomplishments include an extensive training in modelling and acting from the famed John Casablancas Modelling & Career College in Vancouver, also dancing workshops (jazz,hip-hop,Latin dancing) under Marlowe Menard and Kelly Urquhart at Dance Co. in Vancouver, attended acting workshops by Michelle Sands of Lipstick Prod. in Vancouver, and another acting workshops at Beverly Studios in Los Angeles, California, USA. She's also trained in various techniques in Martial Arts (judo, karate, tae kwon do, aikido, kick boxing), aerobics and equestrian studies and practice. She has been relentless and tireless in her quest for success. Mystica has brought to her acting the same spirit evident in her singing. She believes that acting, whether on stage or in film is a career that requires lots of hard work, great humor, a big heart as well as intelligence and sensitivity and awareness of human condition. Her stage performances in THE MUTINY ON THE MINSK, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and her role in the film THE SONG OF VERGEVEN had proven her strong talent as an actress, and earned her critical acclaim. The time she spent in Vancouver has significant advancement in her singing career. She performed in many popular night spots along with THE SYSTEM, a band composed of Portuguese and Italian musicians. While performing at the Century Plaza Hotel, she caught the attention of Ray Caroll of THE PLATTERS fame. He thereafter became her vocal coach and manager and he made her feauture performer, with the backing of his 12-piece band. Having maximized her accomplishments in Vancouver, and seeking greater challenge and opportunity, Mystica decided to make her debut on the American scene by relocating to Los Angeles, California, USA, remaining there for several years. There she hobnobbed with many entertainment industry notables and honed her craft.She produced her first cover album THE COVER GIRL, and started writing her own songs and produced other two albums THE MYSTIC DANCER and I'LL BRING YOU BACK TO LIFE with the help of Hollywood producers Jimmy Hunter and David Ajian. Some of the songs were also composed by Dan Snellenbarger (L.A.) , Steve Waddington (L.A.) , Ron Bohlin (Vancouver, Canada), Mike Jezerinac (Vancouver, Canada) , Leo Ioffe (Vancouver, Canada), Steve Catanzaro (L.A.), Bob Stein (L.A.), Steve Metz (L.A.), & Paul Zotos (L.A.). Mystica was also persuaded to record several dance tracks with producer IROC at MCA studios, for later use in film. Mystica's sojourn in L.A. was not spent entirely in recording studios. She performed at many venues, including the renowned Hollywood Palladium and she gladly accepted several invitations to guest on radio stations and to appear on television where she was able to promote her own music. She also got caught up in the competitive spirit, which pervades the L.A. music scene, entering and often winning in many competitions. One of Mystica's more memorable moments came when she was chosen to represent the entire West Los Angeles in the most important of the many competitions that take place in L.A. County, the annual Creme de la Creme competition held at the Radisson Hotel. Overall, Mystica received a warm reception in L.A. and being so versatile and flexible with any type of entertainment, she also started to establish herself as a more exotic performer. No sooner had she done so, than Mystica started to again feel the pull of her homeland, from which she had long been absent. She began to realize that you can take the Filipino out of the Philippines, but you can't take the Philippines out of the Filipino! So, what did she do? What else but flew away home with renewed enthusiasm for her aspirations as a recording artist. It was no time at all before Mystica was performing in posh hotel venues around Manila and she was noticed by award-winning composer-producer Nonoy Tan of NOTA Productions. In even less time, she found herself again recording an album, not with English language lyrics as she had done in Los Angeles, but rather in Tagalog and with a slow rock flavor. Quick to recognize that this girl was something different, she was snapped up by Rock Records Philippines, under Boss Bernie Refuerzo and also with the support of her (PAMI) Manager Ms. Vera Isberto. What else can we say about the enigma that is Mystica? Well, we can tell you for starters that she is an F.B.I. - Full-Blooded Ilocana! She was born Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva, in Centro West, Allacapan, Cagayan, later relocated in Carig, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley. As soon as she started her showbiz career in the Philippines, she then purchased a brand new house and now live in an exclusive subdivision in Quezon City area in Manila. Once in a while Mystica also lives part time in Georgia, USA, especially if she's not busy with her concert scenes. While Mystica isn't straying far from her naughty roots with her first self-titled album MYSTICA, of late, fans and supporters were once again being treated to her singing voice on her appearances and concerts nationwide and overseas. She also proved that she can deliver in style those heart-wrenching ballads on her second Tagalog album WALANG TAKIP, and from the very recent album PAGBABAGO, she's also one of the selected top artists who recorded a very inspirational song based on her life's story entitled WALANG TAKIP, WALANG 'TINATAGO. If everyone recalls the song SIMPLE LANG - "Ang gusto ko sa lalaki ay di masyadong malaki...ang katawan...", everyone recalls Mystica! Being known as the ROCK DIVA OF THE PHILIPPINES and THE SPLIT QUEEN that made her became a scene-stealer with her famous "split" and acrobatic performance, Mystica wasn't afraid to bare her sexy poses for SEXBOMB, CHICMATE, and her latest RED ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE FOR MEN. But that's her personal choice, her life is an adventure! In reality is, she was just a small-town girl, coming to the big city and standing in the back to check it all out, but a smart small-town girl - not a naive one! Not surprisingly, at the early time of her Philippine career, she was also offered by the President of Psalms 'Tre Enterprises, Jim Acosta, to become a commercial model/endorser of RENEW PLACENTA Herbal Beauty Products (Beauty Soap, Facial Cream, Skin Toner, and Body Lotion). Lately, she was also offered additional endorsements of Korean Red Ginseng (Vita-Ginseng), Livermin Capsules, and Olive-C Milk Soap. Recently, she just signed 2 other endorsement contracts as the new model/endorser of Erase Beauty Oil, Erase Placenta Whitening/Anti-Aging/Moisturizing Beauty Soap, and Jiao Ming Underarm Cream. These are products of UK Derma led by father and son tandem Louie Gamboa and Marc Gamboa. As a celebrity, besides the intrigues and controversies, Mystica is a pretty disciplined person. For her, it's a pleasure to do a lot of things and a lot of work. Discipline isn't always a pleasure, of course, but for her kind of profession, it is essential. As a TV personality and a movie actress, her acting performance is really satirical and highly thought out. It's not being a wise ass or smart mouth. It's sometimes using her improvised words or her natural body language in an artistic way, like her sexy- comedy roles on her movies ANG GUSTO KO SA LALAKI based on her hit single "Simple Lang" under Starlight Films, BANYO QUEEN, WEYT A MINIT KAPENG MAINIT,and D' URAGONS, NEVER UMUURONG, ALWAYS SUMUSULONG, under VIVA Films, and currently a very intriguing newly released "SEROKS" where Mystica was nominated as BEST ACTRESS for the 2ND ANNUAL CINEMA ONE ORIGINALS FESTIVAL. This "Seroks" movie has won the "BEST IN CINEMATOGRAPHY" award under the direction of Director Ed Lejano. Besides Mystica's career and busy schedules, she's also now focused on managing her talents. The Rock Diva's groups consist of the following: THE MYSTIC DANCERS; a sensational female group called "THE MYSTIC ANGELS"; and of course a male-matinee-idol group called "THE MYSTICOS". Being the co-host of Sir Willie Espiritu of CELEBRITY NIGHT WITH DANCE & MUSIC every Sunday at SBN CHANNEL 21, Mystica has already joined all her talents as regular performers of her so called variety show every Sunday night at 11PM to 12 midnight. Success will never elude the likes of Mystica. Now that she has decided to move back to the USA and stay in Las Vegas with her newly organized band called "MYSTICA & HER ELUSIVE DREAMS" under the management of Don Smith, her devotion to her craft, her boundless enthusiasm, and her grace and charm are the keys that will open many door on the road to success!
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