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Nightmare In Panama (Trailer)
Band/artist history
Clarence (E-CLA$$) Brown is the C.E.O, Owner and Founder of The Go Harrd Entertainment Company LLC which originally started off as Go Harrd Records in 2003. E was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois on November 15, 1985. Later on relocated to Wilmington, Delaware a.k.a The First State @ a young age where he was raised by his mother with no father ever being around. Around the time he became a teenager, E-CLA$$ started rapping and writing music everyday with friends from the neighborhood or anyone he knew that was into music. Around the age of 16 an old friend that E rapped with gave him the name of E-CLA$$ and every since then he stuck to it like glue. For a while E stopped rapping and was just focused on making beats. So far E-CLA$$ has dropped many cd's (MixTapes & Albums). 1 solo cd titled Bootleg (2004) which was his first cd ever. Bootleg was more like a mixtape cd rather than a album with all industry beats & was recorded by: Cameron (Blaze) Hamlin (R.I.P). E-CLA$$ also released a mixtape titled Go Harrd Or Go Home The MixTape Vol.1 & 2 (2007) which he recorded @ Ghetto style Records in Panama City, Florida. NIGHTMARE IN PANAMA (2008) he produced all by him self in a small town in Florida & this album is available online @ snocap.com. There is also a limited edition to this album that comes with a dvd live from Panama City, Florida! AHEAD OF MY CLA$$ (2009) which is a solo project from E-CLA$$ that he also produced him self. And there are many projects in the works for (2010) that are being produced by The Human Beat Machine such as a hot highly anticipated compilation album titled "BREAKING IN THE INDUSTRY", JMURK's "E-CLA$$ FELON" Vol. 1 & 2, and also be on the look out for many volumes of "E-CLA$$ INSTRUMENTALZ"! E-CLA$$ has collaborated and produced many records with a numerous amount of talanted underground artist from all over the country such as: JMURK, RADIMEZ, DA BOI PHACE, CHEVY SS, P.C THA GREAT, KRESTYAL, SMOOVE SHAWN, PHILLY SWAIN, DIRK, CHIPPY T, O.V, J COOL, INF, YOUNG TWAN, J.I, DIGGADIN, J-BLAC, MR. SHOTTS, BRICK, RAPH DA RUNNER, BASILLEANNIE, JAG, SK DAY, WALKA T, LUV TITZ, J PESO, SCOOT LUV, BLACK ROSE, DRO SAS, ROCKSTAR MAR, Y.A (Young Ally), REMY, WAYNE MONEY, CANNON, Q.U.E, CRAINE, Ghetto style Records, Soviet Union, Millennium styles Music LLC, Nothin But Family Corporation, King Kels Records, and many more!!! E-CLA$$ says, "I don't wanna be titled or labeled as a rapper because thats not what i love to do the most." "What I love doing is putting the music together and creating the music." "I wan't people to know me as a producer or even dat nigga that make dem FIRE ASS BEATZ!!! For MIXTAPE'S, DROPS, FEATURINGS, SHOWS, BEATS, PHOTO SHOOTS, INTERVIEWS, MUSIC VIDEOS, COMMERCIALS, CLOTHING, PROMOTIONS, OR ANYTHING ELSE CONTACT The Go Harrd Entertainment Company @ 1 (850) 441 - 7915 & ask to speak with E-CLA$$ (Owner & C.E.O of The Go Harrd Entertainment Company LLC)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I make beats anywhere i feel comfortable.
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Garage Band, Cool Edit, e.t.c
Anything else?
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