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Cix & Lolo
Cix & Lolo
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Cix and Loc,A genre of Gangsta Rap taking it to higher standards in the music industry.
Cix & Lolo (loc) started at a young age,growing up in Middletown,Ohio & still trying to give the music business all it has. From not so much experience,Cix started off with his first album "Gotta Get It" in the year of 2001,the album soon became published & underground produced only making 225 copies of the album,the rest of the history is either found on the internet or in someones hands! Next Cix joined up with L.O.C,making an album that was finished but never produced,what songs you find on this website & other internet sites is the last you will see or hear! At last,the games was over,Cix & loc is now currently recording an album for the year of 2006, working at its best in the studio at Glocc Cocced Records, ( http://www.glocc-cocced.com ) the album will be everywhere,drifting from taking it to the highest standards from the radio to the stores,be up to date with the album,which should be coming out mid-2006,GCR is pretty sure that everyone that is interested in this genre will hear about the album's release!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Cix & Loc has performed in Money award contest in Middletown,Oh ,also at small associated parties,but thats just the beginning of a large career.
Your musical influences
Brotha Lynch Hung,Mr.Doctor,blac market,Killa Tay,awol,delinquents,Twista,Do or Die,westcoast,down south,ext....
What equipment do you use?
Beat Machines,Key Boards,Digital Equipment ext.