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Uncle Ace Ha
Uncle Ace Ha
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Big boy beats for big boy artists. Don't come at me with that greasy kid stuff.
The Wrong Muhfucka (Produced by Ace Ha)
Crop-Lung Harvest (Produced by Ace Ha)
The Plot Sickens (Produced by Ace Ha)
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Band/artist history
Me and Sammy Brazil used to rock as MaddWest. Since Sammy was a whiteboy with skills, everybody compared us to Emi-fuckin'-nem. Aight, fuck that old shit.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live in my lab! Nah, I help others get down live.. I used to play out with my boy Sammy Brazil but that is a story that came to a close long ago..
Your musical influences
I wouldn't call these influences so much as people I respect.. Premier Muggs Mark Sparks Abstract Kenny M AKA Wizard Moe Z M.D. Alchemist Timbaland (for being ORIGINAL!) Just Blaze Whoever does Dre's beats REALLY Hi-Tech (my Colts just beat his Bengals!) This dude MadMan
What equipment do you use?
I used to be really involved in the whole gear-chase thing. Crib ended up looking like a used gear shop and I was always spending crazy loot on the next thing. Fuck that. My last piece of gear was the MV-8000 from Roland. I don't even use it anymore. I have settled down with Reason 4, FL Studio and a 2 octave keyboard and MPD24 drumpad. Yo, I strongly encourage cats to give the software thang a try! I used to say all that yang about how I needed something tactile to bang on.. Software will do the job better for you, that's my word!
Anything else?
Thundacats got it goin' on now!
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