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Bad Time for a Good Reason
Bad Time for a Good Reason
2 Tracks
A unique, folky, experimental, emotional sound with intentions to inspire, and build positive vibes. Zone out, relax, and be soothed by gentle mandolin parts,
A Hopeful Horizon
From Rain To Sunshine
Right now I do everything by myself with a cheap usb mic, my 2 mandolins, violin, electric guitar, drumset, shaker, tambourine, and various other things that make sound. I have been playing the mandolin for about 8 months with no lessons, and switched over from a long boring escapade involving the violin. So far I have been developing an acoustic sound, but maybe someday I will throw in some electric stuff. I love to play with others, but many people find the style I play frustrating to accompany, so until I find someone who can stand practicing with me and my experimental craziness, I will probably remain solo.
Band/artist history
None, this is the first time my songs hit the internet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played any of my stuff live because I can't play all the instruments at the same time.
Your musical influences
I love: Explosions in the Sky Flaming Lips Switchfoot 3 Doors Down And many others of all genres!
What equipment do you use?
Mandolin egg shaker wooden stick tambourine
Anything else?
I want feedback! Please comment positively and negatively I will take them all and learn from many of them! I am new to this after all, and the very definition of the word amateur.