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Los One
Los One
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Los-1, Christan Hip Hop, Positive Rap, Motivational Speaker
Carlos Los-1 Ramirez II is a youth educator skilled in presenting the message of sexual purity to teens across America. His style of teaching and outward appearance fit right in with what teens are looking for in a modern classroom setting. With 13 years of speaking/ rapping experience hes developed an In your face, yet compassionate approach that is bold while brotherly. Teachers and teenagers consistently respond to his teachings with respect and positive feedback each and every single time! Hes certified in the WAIT Training, Game Plan and Navigator Curriculums. Born in Brooklyn, New York and long time member of Tampas own Fla.vor Alliance Hip Hop Crew, Los definitely understand todays generation of teens and has independently released four Hip-Hop albums. Using his talents to make a positive impact on society, Los-1 continues to impact youth worldwide at various venues and is guest featured on over 29 other local and national Hip-Hop albums. In 2007 as a featured performer at The Florida Department of Health, Great to Wait Sexual Abstinence Rallies, he brought down the house with other renowned national abstinence speakers. Hes also shared the stage with other speakers as Lakita Garth Wright, Luis Galdamez, and David Mahan! In 2003, he was awarded by the United States Armed Forces as a Combat Support Speaker at the Yokota Air Base in Yokota, Japan. He's rapped at the United States National Defense building, The Pentagon within one year of 9/11. Through these events, Los-1 received two Military Coin Awards for Outstanding Assistance to our country! With his latest effort, Life Skills, Los and IMPACT present a Hip Hop album promoting sexual integrity among teenagers. Los uses this music to bring a message of character and self-worth to an age thats breeding sexual confusion among teens worldwide. One thing about sexual education thats not current in schools is the style of approach in the classroom. There has to be a light-hearted yet health conscience stance on teaching teens something you want them to live by - Los He doesnt preach, he understands and relates todays topics to teens while presenting them in a powerful and effective way. The supplemental curriculum is written for todays youth, with many object lessons to drive home important facts about healthy choices. Standing beside Los-1 on a daily basis is A Womans Place, in Tampa, Fl. and its Prevention Services Department, IMPACT. With 20 years of service to the bay area and beyond, A Womans Place aids singles and couples alike in the areas of pregnancy testing, post abortion counseling, adoption counseling. A Womans Place began presenting abstinence education in the schools long before state and federal grant money become available. In 1999, A Womans Place joined with the Tampa Metropolitan YMCA and the Childrens Board of Hillsborough County and was awarded its first state Title V/TANFF grant. In 2005, A Womans Place was awarded a three-year federal grant for Community Based Abstinence Education. Los-1 and a team from IMPACT are actively involved in presenting sexual abstinence training to 30 Hillsborough County schools. So with this daily interaction with the youth of today Los is highly skilled to answer current listeners with hip hop styled teaching. To purchase a copy of Los-1: Life Skills, visit www.los1.com.
Band/artist history
Started in 2000 and still here killin' it!
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Your musical influences
East Coast/ Mid-West flavor
What equipment do you use?
...I buy music from producers who use MPC's, Motif's and Fruity Loops. Record with Pro Tools and Nuendo.
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