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Tomas David Hood
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My musical fabric is the cloth that's made up of the many diverse musical influences in which I've immersed myself. It is a multi-colored weave that includes pr
Thanks for visiting my profile here on SoundClick. I'm Tomas David Hood, a songwriter (BMI), singer, guitarist, and sound engineer. My musical journey started back around 1973. I've been rather serious since 2007, working hard to increase my playing skills, and honing my songwriting ability. I hope that all of this results in your enjoyment of my music. I add songs as I finish them. It is a slow journey because music is not a full-time occupation. I appreciate the feedback from other artists, and from listeners, too. I am a member of the , the , and of . Are you on Facebook.com? You can become a Facebook Fan by . Of course, I welcome your friendship here on SoundClick, too. You may follow me on Twitter: @TomasMusic - I look forward to this community connection. Art is a living community occupation; it grows stronger with the involvement of every soul. I started playing music in the early 1970's, when I was encouraged to try playing a clarinet in the school "band." That did not work out very well. I ventured into playing an electric guitar about the same time. However, it was not until 1979 that I became dedicated to learning the guitar. In the 1980's and 1990's, I was a radio DJ and a radio station technician/engineer. I also worked as a sound engineer for live venues, and was part of a musical team, where I played rhythm guitar and occassional drums. After 2000, I became more dedicated to songwriting. In 2007, I decided to become a professional songwriter as well as a performing artist. I play a Peavey T-60 electric guitar, and Taylor acoustic/electric guitars. My primary acoustic is the 614ce. I use Line6 and Genz Benz equipment. Official Website - Click the following banner...
Band/artist history
There are elements of the influences in my history that have helped shape my playing. Obviously, the musical styles that I like influence how I play. And, certain bands and musicians have inspired my compositions, my tones, my chosen keys, chord progressions, and melodies. Even how I mix the sound is influenced by my knowledge of and preference for certain styles, musicians, and producers/engineers. For instance, I really dig the production and sound engineering of Alan Parsons. T-Bone is another producer whose work I appreciate. So too, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, and others. I tend to gravitate toward progressive, melodic, if not symphonic, rock and jazz fusion. For instance, Jethro Tull, U2, Rush, Pink Floyd (and now solo David Gilmour and Roger Waters, even Nick Mason and Richard Wright), Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Styx (but specifically, Grand Illusion, Equinox, well, anything earlier than Paradise Theater), Kansas, Supertramp. I love minor keys, but as the Bible says, "There is a season for..." There are times when I am in a more driving, fun, down on the floor rock. Other times I am into story-telling Western styles, and folk / folk-rock styles (Bob Dylan, Neil Young). While I admire "shredding" on the guitar, and hope to increase my skills in pulling off great scale-ish riff work, I tend to feel that shredding can be just a bunch of melodic noise, and not really create "song scapes." I suppose it is fun to watch a bunch of race cars go around and around on a race track. And see a winner. However, my deepest joy involving a vehicle is to get in one and take a memorable, scenic road trip. Same with music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play from time-to-time at Church events, community affairs, and such. I am open to play for any event, with enough advance planning.
Your musical influences
We humans are musical by nature. Music, no matter where it comes from, nor who makes it, causes a response in us. I'm just like you - any music which inspires a response in me can influence me in the overall scheme of things. I do want to be clear about something: just because an artist inspired me, musically, or had an impact in the shaping of my tastes in music, it does not mean that I endorse nor am aligned with the views, religions, political leanings, or lifestyle of any particular artist. I have my own beliefs, forged by a life-long journey of personal search and work. These beliefs are expressed by my life, my music, how I do what I do, and so forth. No one can separate his or her religion from his or her daily life. It is one and the same. With that foundation, let me tell you a bit about my influences, musically. Here's a wide ranging list: John Michael Talbot; Joe Satriani; David Gilmore; Michael Hedges; David Lanz; George Winston; U2; Styx; Led Zep; Pink Floyd; Rush; Dream Theater; Larry Norman; Randy Stonehill; Ted Nuggent; Tommy Shaw; Dennis De Young; Jeff Beck; Jean Michael Jerre; Michael Omartian; Super Tramp; Annie Lennox; Heather Nova; Vangelis; and so many more!
What equipment do you use?
Taylor, Peavey, Line6, and Genz Benz.
Anything else?
I can list some of those bands and artists whose sounds I've picked up and discovered being a part of my sound creations. These include, but are not limited to, the following: + Pink Floyd, especially the song writing of Roger Waters, the guitar playing of David Gilmor, and some of the keyboard work of Richard Wright. + Joe Satriani (of course...) - This guy can not only attack his instruments with skill, but he can craft music with great heart and soul. Many so-called great guitarists have speed and technical skill, but, cannot create memorable, soul-moving songs. Joe can. + Jeff Beck - WOW. What a really creative guitarist. You'll hear some basic techniques in Tomas' guitar work, (nothing even closely as skilled as Jeff's), that arrive out of the influences of Jeff Beck's compositions (from 'Guitar Shop' onward. Note: Check out Jeff's "Jeff" album. That's a nuclear bomb of sound!). + Alan Parson's Project - not all of the styles nor all of the musicians that Alan has used to craft his projects. However, his standard of production / engineering is influential in my own sound crafting. I've a lot to learn, and I don't have the most elaborate equipment... + Marc Seal (recent influence) - he combines skill and technique with great musician-ship. He can create very memorable and listenable "shredded" music. + Rush - I am gravitating away from their philosophies on life, but certainly admire their skill, songwriting, and musical compositions. + Led Zep - a true blues band, combining folk rock, fusion elements, and high-decible fun. They've changed the whole sound scape of modern rock. Obviously, they've influenced my music. + Super Tramp - this band can write songs, and create compositions that are incredible. I don't see a lot of people referencing them, but they have had a huge impact on modern rock. And certainly, on my music. + Men at Work - there are sounds and tones, and certain elements of their compositions, that I find creeping into my music. + Newsboys - Phil Joel, specifically. Amazing song writing, and compositions. Simple, elegant, yet powerful and almost symphonic. + Vangelis - one of the greatest modern musical composers, incorporating modern instruments and electronics. Huge influence on me. The best work, in my opinion, is "Soil Festivities" - and this one album has a huge influence in my composition. + John Michael Talbot - in a word, he and his brother pioneered the sound that the Eagles commercialized. But more, John (amazing guitar player) also is in tune with the soul, and his entire essence influences my work. + Heather Nova - another under-rated songwriter/musician. WOW. She is one of the greatest in my opinion. She's created some of the richest, hard-hitting, deeply moving sound scapes I've ever immersed myself into. + David Lanz - compositions and production that is very influential to my composing. + Styx - Dennis' songwriting is a very finely-honed art. The compositions he's come up with are a major influence in my efforts. Tommy's guitar songwriting are also play key roles in my sound. Their voices rock, too. I just can't stand the preaching that has come into the "new" Styx lyrical work. I think fantesy/romantic anthem rock is dead for now... There are countless others...
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