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The Almost Original Synthetic Swampgrass Jugband com
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Jug Band (a.k.a Jugband), Bluegrass, Old Time, Fiddle Tunes, & traditional music arranged in slightly off-the-wall ways
The Almost Original Synthetic Swampgrass Jug Band.com actually began many years ago. Rumor has it, that the boys got together for a high school talent show, since at that time no one could play any real instruments, kazoos, jugs, washtub bass, and other household implements were used. The Jug Band was an instant hit and it was decided that it would be a good idea to learn to play some real instruments, so they did. Over the years the group has had many names (ask Jim, the bass player for proper chronology). During the late 1970's and early 1980's the band played all over the New York metro area. They played with Vassar Clements,Jay Unger, Dell McCoury and other top name bands. The band currently consists of: Dave Rubin: vocals, guitar, steel guitar, jews harp Jeff Tyler: vocals, mandolin, fiddle, jug, kazoo Jim Vasconcellos: bass, washtub Doug Bowen: vocals, guitar, hammer dulcimer, saw, jug, kazoo Donald Bowen: vocals, banjo, washboard, kazoo The Swampettes - Audrey Tyler, Lauren Rubin, Hannah Grubow & Stacy Tyler provide vocals, kazoo and other sound effects on special occasions Dave Frisch: (1952-2003) vocals, guitar, harmonica on the Living Room Tapes Gary Wikfors: Member emeritus on what ever instrument he feels like as plays them all whenever we can lure him out of the Connecticut woods Jared Grubow: guest / former regular on washboard, cajon, other percussion Creative Media - Hannah Grubow - Pics, Video, Shirts Recording Engineer - Jared Grubow
Band/artist history
First appeared at the Pascack Hills High School Pop Show in the 70's - primarily as a comedy act with limited musical skills - one guy could actually play guitar - so we had him strum the banjo. Recorded a 12 song tape at Pee Wee Erwin's studio in the 70's - the same year we filmed our first music video - the Burger King Blues. Neither ever released. Played throughout New Jersey and New York in the 70's and early 80's. Real jobs and families forced a long pause as we got together about once or twice a year for performances at various locations. We got some of the boys back together in 2001 to just play in the living room. Eventually things got out-of-hand and we were back in front of live audiences doing whatever music (and comedy) that seems to come natural. 2003 was a bit difficult with the untimely death of band mate Dave Frisch. We only got to know Dave for about 25 years - and that was much too short.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We appear randomly in the New Jersey area at bars, festivals and special events throughout the year.
Your musical influences
Jim Kweskin, Seldom Scene, Taj Mahal, Spike Jones, David Bromberg, Django Reinhardt, Country Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes, ...
What equipment do you use?
Gas Pipe Washtub Bass with Aircraft Aluminum Sound Board, Washboard (Ace Hardware), 59 Hoffner Upright Bass, Michael Kelly Firefly Fretless 5 String Bass, 1 to 5 Gallon Jugs, Coffee Cans & Lids, Gibson Mandolin, Lionhead Custom Fiddle, Johnson Metal Guitar, Collings Guitar
Anything else?
Check put more videos of the band on YouTube or become a fan on Facebook at: http://www.youtube.com/user/jvascon http://www.facebook.com/SwampgrassJugBand
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