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chukura, new age classical, contemporary, film music, instrumental, solo piano, neoclassic, neo-classical, classic, relaxing, meditation,
Well, I guess there's always been something inside of me that wanted to tell a story, paint a picture or sing a song. It'd be hard to pinpoint when it all started - but sometime during early adolescence if I'd have to make a guesstimate. Since I'm an autodidact in regard to music as well as other areas I don't go about writing music with a theoretical approach - I rather go with the flow as they say. I'm influenced by numerous events which are then transformed into music. Although I've had experiences with electronic music instruments I prefer the "simpler" versions of them - there's beauty in the plain things. Due to that fact my music is rather neo/new age or contemporary classic. It's been said to sound akin to film music. Well, these days any music can be compared in parts to something already existent - which doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Most of the time I'm trying to paint a picture with notes or communicate a certain feeling I experienced. I'm "flabbergasted" every time when people tell me - and that's the most rewarding thing in my humble opinion - how listening to my music helped them to overcome obstacles, relax, forget their worries or see exactly the picture I had in mind accompanied by similar impressions and feelings I once had.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Thus far I haven't performed live other than playing at several weddings, in a bar, cafe, at a premiere of a theatre play and at the opening of an art vernissage. I'd also like to play in a home for old people.
Your musical influences
A lot of classical composers - Rachmaninov, Liszt, Beethoven, Chopin etc. New age classical composers - Geroge Winston, Michael Jones, Jon Schmidt, Ludovico Einaudi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukhi Kuramoto, David Tolk Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar: Vic Abram, Pino Forastiere, Sergio Altamura, Andy Mckee
What equipment do you use?
Most recording is via digital piano + software(Cubase, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, Finale)
Anything else?
If you have any questions please - do ask! I can't promise to respond immediately but I'll answer eventually. For those of you who'd like to play these songs themselves I have the sheet music for all of them (except "amorphous, cross-country, ragged dreamscape" since those were improvisations). I have to upload new guitar songs because these ones here are horrible in quality. As soon as I find the time I will do it. Meanwhile bear with me and the inferior product ;) Thank you. That's all folks!
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