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Solo artist who will rap about any and everything. Doesent care who dont like it. Just cares about the ones that do
Spirit Of An M.C.
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RIAH has been writing his own music since he was 9. He loves music and loves many different styles. From Tu-Pac to Metalica, and from Chamillionare to Lacuna Coil. The bands he listens to varies to almost every kind of styles. He says "I can just feel music, kind of like the energy songs give off. It doesnt matter what style it's in,if it has a feel to it I listen to it. What always stood out with me is, I've got homies I go to clubs and shit with and we battle dance and all that. We go to concerts like Ludacris,Akkon and other rappers. Then I gots homies I go with to see bands like Soulfly,Dope,System of a Down and other metal bands and we mosh all night. I love lyrics,melodies,and everything that makes music what it is."The name RIAH stands for the 4 aspects of his personality and subjects he raps about. R is for Rage. Thats where all the gangsta shit, and wicked underground style songs come in to play. I is for innocent. Thats where all the curiosity and discover kind of stuff comes into play. A is for adolescent. Thats where all the club,party,and bitches type of music comes into play. H is for Heartfelt. Thats where all the love songs and depressing kind of music comes into play. In his hometown of Douglas A.Z. he has been known to put on unforgetable performances. "I just love the stage, and I just dont want to come out grab my nuts for the time Im up there. I want people to get a show for the time they came. I want them to walk away going that was the shit."To his listeners he has been dubed"The Rubics Cube" hard the figure out,different on all sides,however interesting enough to grab attention. This is The Man,The M.C. RIAH
Band/artist history
I wrote my first song when I was 9 years old. Through out my teen years I use to freestyle with other local cats around the way. I used to also try to make my own little mixes using a dual tape recorder with songs I recorded off the radio. I use to also write my own raps and perform them with my tape recorder. It was fun to me. When I was nineteen my friend got some program on his computer and me him and another dude who calls himself Prototype now started our own little rap group called "Menace" We recorded two tracks and put them out there. The two songs became underground hits around southern arizona. Afterwards Menace broke apart and myself and Prototype went to do our own things. I was then working on my own shit and later founded ShedHouse Records. Once I had this established I heard some of Prototypes new shit. He was going by the name Yung AZ at the time. When I contacted him to give him props on his shit, he asked if I wanted to get on a track with him. I agreed and me and him went into the studio and recorded "Lights Out" that song is still very popular and is one of our favorites. Me and him recorded one other track together called "Scarred Eternal Symphony" however out of that track spawned some beef which to this day hasen't been fully resolved by all parties involved. Me and Prototype have not worked together since. Other than a concert we did together in the fall of 2007. As of right now Ive been finishing up my debut album and doing shows and shit like like. I was shown interest by Dreamtrax Records and Bodog Entertainment and I am signed to a booking agency. Big Time Entertainment.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I play live. Ive played all over Arizona and I love the stage. There is no place I would rather be than the stage. If I could I would play live every night for the rest of my life
Your musical influences
Way too many. All music in general. I cant really tell you what to expect cause thats just what RIAH is. unpredictable from love songs to wicked shit and all in between I do it all. Lets just say its, TechN9ne meets Lacuna Coil with some Chamillionare and a dash of Daughtry with a sprinkle of Blue Oyster Cult.
What equipment do you use?
I use my own recording equipment. I dont have the name of it right now. But I bought it and have spent a year and a half learning how to use it. It aint a computer program its an actual piece of hardware. And of course mics and pop screens and all that good stuff
Anything else?
Just listen and tell me what you think