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Amy Lee Owens
Amy Lee Owens
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R&B, soul, pop, urban, dance, hip hop. Check out www.myspace.com/amyleeowens for clips.
Sexy Lady Ft. Fredie T
Peak position #67
With Amys ear for perfection and her sweet melodic voice, she is sure to get the attention she needs with the release of her first album, entitled Come Hurt Me. This album is written lyrically and melodically all by Amy herself. For Amy talent comes with ease, but Amy was also blessed with beauty that turns heads, literally. With those 2 features on her side Amy knows she is destined for stardom, but even without destiny, Amy is completely 100% determined. It started at a young age, watching her parents in the entertainment business. Her father, a very promising singer, who sang on the Tommy Hunter show for many years, and her mother, a model and dancer, who was featured in over 100 commercials and print ads, showed Amy you can be successful and in control of your career. Soon after moving to Calgary, Amy got started in the #1 performing arts school in Canada, The Young Canadians. She was a member as both a singer and a dancer for 10 years, giving her 10 years of performing experience in front of more them 30,000 people. After leaving the school, Amys hunger for performing grew strong. She started doing independent shows around Calgary. One of the first being the featured singer at a Charity Masked Ball for MS. Amy was getting her name out there and was asked to be the opening act for Ashanti, Eve, 112 and Blu Cantrell. Soon after, Amy had a hit song on Kiss 969 in Calgary, called So Hot. Amy then lucked upon a band called Black Mamba and started gigging Motown, R&B & Jazz covers. They gigged together for over 3 years, traveling all around Alberta. This took Amys stage presence to another level, making it easy to perform for 10 people or 10,000 people. Now, finished her first album, Amy is residing in Toronto, Ontario. She is ready to show everyone how talented she really is. She wrote her whole CD, sung every part of it, and just so you know when youre listening no auto tune was used. The album is Amy raw, singing her heart out, sure to win the heart of the big world ahead of her.
Your musical influences
My influences are Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Aaliyah, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.
Anything else?
I put alot of my heart and soul into my album and I know the world will be able to hear it. I write about my life, my issues and struggles I have overcome. I know everyone will be able to relate to at least one of the songs... and I am so proud to say that I DO NOT use auto-tune. Its all me.