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Overtone (New Orleans)
Overtone (New Orleans)
2 Tracks
New Orleans hard rock with a Latino twist - kinda like Staind meets Santana
Here With Me
Peak in sub-genre #53
New Orleans Times-Picayune Newspaper Lagniappe Section "Four Bands To Watch" March 22, 2002 Reference point: Staind with a Latino slant The players: Frontman Chris Recinos; brothers Miguel and John Rincon on bass and guitar, respectively; and drummer [Ash Hendley]. Most recent release: "Culture," a five-song demo CD. Hardest working man in showbiz?: Recinos works as hard offstage as on. Once he got a taste of the music business, he plunged in . . . . He tirelessly works his connections, is building bridges between the burgeoning New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast scenes, and promotes camaraderie among musicians. "All my friends are musicians or are involved in the scene," Recinos said. "It's like having another family." Latin flavor: Overtone is not afraid to reference the Latino heritage of three of its four members, as evidenced by the rhythms of "Frogstew." Who's really "Broken"?: The first cut on "Culture" is called "Broken" -- the same title as the first single from 12 Stones' . . . debut. Statement of purpose: Recinos writes directly from personal experience, giving his performances a raw honesty and intensity. "I don't have the passion to write about politics," Recinos said. "What I feel the most passionate about are the things that affect my heart and soul. Every time I sing these songs onstage, I go through it again. That's the way I get everything out, instead of going postal." "We're musicians," Recinos said. "It's what we do because we absolutely love it. If this could be our job, that would be wonderful; I'd keep my day job, though, as long as I didn't have to fork out money to make my music."
Band/artist history
Miguel Rincon was having a couple at a restaurant where David Dale bartended. Miguel started to talk about getting together some music outside of his current band, and Dave just happenened to mention his ability. So they got together with Miguel's brother, John, and jammed. They dug the sound they had and decided to pursue the project further. They decided to invest in an ad in the newspaper. Chris Recinos was one of the many to respond, and at their first session together everyone was equally impressed with the other. They stuck with it. Shortly after Overtone released "Culture", David decided to leave the band. Ash joined a few months later, and he's been the fourth member of Overtone for a little over a year now. That brings us to today...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Your musical influences
Influenced by Bad Brains, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rush, Soundgarden.
Anything else?
Web Sites - http://www.overtonemusic.com http://www.garageband.com/artist/overtone