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0 How I Love Choral Music
0 How I Love Choral Music
This is a "band" I invented as a place to put choral and barbershop music I have written for people to hear. The vocals are computer generated (I call the groups the Andromeda Choir and the Andromeda Quarter for reasons that will be obvious when you listen). The computer actually sings words with pitches, and with deadly accuracy! Some of the songs (will) have a guitar doing the people parts until I can switch them over to synth-choir. By the way, all of these arrangements are available from http://www.sibeliusmusic.com Just type the title or the most significant words from the title in the search box in the upper right hand corner, under the blue tab labled "Other."
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
Your musical influences
I ike everything. I have done rock, techno, bluegrass, choral, barbershop whatever comes to my mind.
What equipment do you use?
Mac Computer, Garage Band, Metro, Band in a Box, Vocalwriter (the voice synth)
Anything else?
Tha, tha, tha, tha, that's all, folks!