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The Great Constantini
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Original music created in a small studio by myself. Alternative by category, varying in styles from instrumental, pop, rock, folk, to avant.
There Used To Be A Train - updated
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There Used To Be A Train
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Paper & Ink
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If I could be Anybody Remix
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Feels Like Rain Today
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House Down By The Sea Remix
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Song of Sand
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Life Gets In The Way of Living
Im writing new music weekly and my fans , uh my cat, are appreciated. Actually its been many years Ive been here at SoundClick and I have yet to get anyone interested in collaborating. Maybe its time to hang it up.
Band/artist history
You know I've been making music for most of my life to date. I've played with others which I really enjoyed at times but at some point it became difficult what with jobs, family and the rest so I drifted into playing in my studio, by myself. Then one day I went looking for others and there were not many to be found. I'm still looking though. Im not much for jamming while everyone takes turns wanking on their instruments. I like to sit and construct. If the need arose, I would go back out and play live with a band. I used to enjoy it and can be quite a ham on stage. But more over these days I would really love to work on collaborations.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As for special moments, uh, yeah when I was around five years old me and my buddy Cory spent the whole evening singing out in the backyard on the swing set. that was a fond memory. Lugging my home made speaker cabinet made of plywood and a JBL speaker that I had found at the dumps, along with my amp that was a p.a. system amp that I bought from my school, $30 guitar on top, in a wheel barrow two miles to practice with my first band. That was a memory. We used to play in my Moms basement with colored lights and tin foil all over the place. I can still picture that. I made a speaker cable out of my Moms vacuum cleaner power cable. She wasn't too pleased about that one. One time we decided to practice out in the back yard. We were so damn awful. A neighbor Mr. Mathews from two doors up showed up and took our instruments away from us and went back home with them. He was a musician with count Basie at one time. Well we thought that was the end of the band on that day. He showed up twenty minutes later and handed them back to us and said "They're in tune, now learn to keep em that way" Also had a show at a state mental hospital and that was lets say different.
Your musical influences
Early on I was into Captain Beefheart , The Bonzo dog do da band, The Mothers of invention, Chet Atkins, Pink Floyd, Yes, the Beatles, and a host of others. Today I am influenced by people like Aimee Mann, Wilco, Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, Muse, A Blue October, Twenty one pilots, Adele, Sia, Alejandro Escovedo. Just about all music interests me and I draw inspiration from many artists. Lately I really enjoyed Swamp Dog. His album Love, Loss and auto tune is a true gem.
What equipment do you use?
Update: 2018 I no longer own an EIII, it in a museum somewhere. I use lots of nifty stuff... I only wish I used it all a bit better. I'm not sure why this all matters but okay what the heck for the equipment junkies out there..Here's a list of some stuff I use:Blue Sky monitors, Windows based hard disk recording, Cubase, Acid Pro, Alesis ADAT, PreSonus ADL 600 mic pre, Behringer Tube composer, DBX 166 comp, Avalon U5 Direct, Fireface 800 interface, Guild guitars, Ransom guitars, Yamaha guitars, Vintage guitars, Fender guitars, Gibson guitars, Rondo guitars, Warrick basses, Carvin basses, Rondo basses, Vox amps, Fender amps, Peavey amps, Roland outboard, Boss outboard, Altec compressors, Red mics, AKG mics Crown mics, Sure mics, Sony mics, Studio projects mics, MXL mics, EV mics, Nakamichi mics, Line 6 products, DanElectro products. I write and record all of my songs rather fast so whatever tool is handy at the time gets used. Since I first wrote this I've updated my monitors to Event Opus one's. Very nice though I think those Ausie's went under, down under literally. They are spendy monitors but I like their honesty.
Anything else?
I could use someone to collaborate with, especially a singer songwriter or a drummer. If you want to collaborate I am at Kompoz as well and tracks can be uploaded at the site. Feel free to contact me : frankiezmole@yahoo.com
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