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An adult contemporary band, with influences derived from classic and progressive rock, pop, jazz, and even classical.
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"Intermezzo" is what I call "my band" (really just me, some friends who can sing -- because God knows I can't, and some MIDI equipment). It is my vehicle for demonstrating my material.
Band/artist history
At one point or another, the following people have been involved with Intermezzo: Ray Kim: keyboards, clarinet, saxophone Jerry Russell: vocals Bob Blanchard (1961-1995): vocals, keyboards Jim O'Brien: vocals, guitars Eddie Kilgallon: keyboards, MIDI drums, now a member of the country group Ricochet The origins of the group go back to when Jerry Russell answered an ad I placed looking for a singer to help me with demos. We hit it off immediately, and have been friends ever since. The band began life under the name "BlanK imeJry," which was derived from the group members' names. After Bob died, we largely broke up, but I continued on in hopes that I could someday have our music released. I decided to change the name after deciding that "BlanK imeJry" didn't reflect the group's style. I felt that the name (with it's intentional misspelling and miscapitalization) looked too much like an "alternative" group name, which we definitely are not. I wanted something more elegant, and came up with "Intermezzo." The group has been dormant for several years (alas, life happens). I've only recently been getting back into this again. I'm hoping to have some new material up here soon.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have never played live; we have been strictly a studio group. Individually, Jerry has been involved with a variety of things (including hosting kareoke), and Ray plays with a variety of local community bands.
Your musical influences
I have to say that my personal influences and the group's influences are two completely different animals. I tend to lean more toward progressive rock, classical, and jazz. The group's influences probably derive more from pop, soft rock, and adult contemporary. People who listen to our material might say that we resemble artists such as Toto, Air Supply, Journey, Christopher Cross, Chris DeBurgh, Peter Cetera, and Kenny Loggins.
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