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Weird Paul Petroskey
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Funnee crazee indiepop For fans of Daniel Johnston Dead Milkmen and Weird Al Put a spaghetti western on grab a piece of cake and listen away
Please Don't Break My Atari
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Weird Paul Petroskey has been writing and recording songs (over 400 to date) over the last 15 years. "2001" is the name of the brand spankin' new tape! It has 24 songs. Some of the song titles include: "Car Wreck (Cake)", "Kiss Me, Monster", "My Dinner With Andre", "I Got Drunk at Chuck E. Cheese", "Oh My Toe" and "Where are My Colored Pencils?". You can buy a copy of this tape by sending $4.25 (postage included)! Click for more details and more cassettes! Weird Paul is heavily influenced by the movies he watches and the moments of surrealism that pop into daily living.
Band/artist history
"WEIRD PAUL" is a two-piece that had an album on Homestead Records. THE BLISSFUL IDIOTS are a three piece that plays mostly different material, but it's all written by PAUL PETROSKEY, who also records solo material, and has been doing so for 14 years. In between there was another four piece band called THE BLAZING BULKHEADS.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Paul and his current back-up band, the Blissful Idiots, does play in the Pittsburgh area on occasion. Some great moments of 2000 included opening for Daniel Johnston and Wesley Willis. To contact Paul regarding booking, click on the contact link on the right.
Your musical influences
Weird Al Yankovic, Devo, The Ramones, The Residents, Scrawl, Daniel Johnston, Masters of the Obvious (MOTO), Half Japanese, Dead Milkmen, Black Flag