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A fine showpiece of World Beat Reggae crossfertilized with other musical genres and laced with profound mystical lyrics. Some musicians on these tracks have ba
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I wanna be free
A fine showpiece of World Beat Reggae tracks.Roots Reggae music cross-fertilized with other musical genres and laced with profound mystical, positive and conscious lyrics. Musicians on these tracks have backed the likes of Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, George Benson, Cindy Lauper to name a few. Robbie Shakespear is bassist on track "seven supreme."
Band/artist history
Maroghini is a multi-talented Jamaican musician who has played and taught his profession in over 40 countries in the world spanning the Carribbean, North, South and Central America, Europe and Africa. He is also a premier percussionist---- a MASTER of the great art of African and Indian drumming having been initiated in several Ancient rites. Maroghini has a number of LPs, CDs, and Videos to his credit. Most of these are signed to major recording companies such as EMI Toshiba and a few independent labels. Maroghini speaks german , french, english, jamaican fluently. He grew up in a family of musicians. His debut began at an early age, having received his first drum on his third birthday. It was his mother, a prominent music educator who taught him the rudiments of music. As a youngster he started learning the rhythms and instruments of the different afro-jamaican art forms.He became profoundly immersed in the spiritual aspect of drumming. Years later he studied at the Edna Manley College Of The Visual And Performing Arts.Through studies at the college he got a profound practical training with a theoretical foundation. He left the school with a strong desire for more. It was the starting point of a unique journey in search of the roots of the African Art of drumming, which eventually led him to the honoured corridors of spiritual house Africa where he underwent profound training in the esoteric art of drumming. The study of local rhythms there also introduced Maroghini profoundly to West African history. Maroghini also pursued studies in Latin percussion and Indian drumming in Europe. He is a former lecturer at the Folkwang University(Folkwang Hochscule)in Essen Germany and currently lectures at the Edna Manley College in Kingston, Jamaica. Maroghini's small frame, soft voice and humble carriage might fool you but those who know him well will tell you about the power of his spirit , his magic with the drum and the potency of the trance he wields from the stage. The nature loving Maroghini presently lives on the south coast of Jamaica where he walks with nature and embraces its life source for further inspiration
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