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casio smith
casio smith
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MACBETH MEETS TOMMY COOPER viz, THE brown bottle, beat the burglar,butthole surfers, comedy,brown bottle, swearing, butthole surfers, how safe is your house,
casio smiths world of drink,debt, drugs, bad http://www.soundclick.com/bandAdmin/default.cfm?content=page&bandid=769652&sub=interviewwomen, bad luck and black humour!!!!!!!!! coffee table music this is not!!!!!!!!!!!! influences, lager, butthole surfers, early fall,early swans, jimi hendrix, john shuttleworth, oliver reed............played on 20 to 40 year old car boot keyboards............ BUT NOW SPORTING MORE MODERN EQUIPMENT HO HO
Band/artist history
started june 1996 between december 96 and dec 97 produced 3 albums, since then two ep's dregs 2005 and chips and beer 2007 and one single currently recording for new ep/lp (done folks) down in the trenches e.p 2009/2010 CURRENTLY BUILDING THE MAGIC PIE AND PINT E.P 2010/11 1, NAIL DOWN THE COFFINS, 2 WITCHES PLOT FOILED BY KING McSMITH, 3 GHOST AT SWAD ALCOHOLIC AND INSANE CARE HOME.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i play live every day! its called the internet, just click on the buttons and i will perform whatever song your majesty require!!! no booking tickets, no bouncers, no twats (unless youve invited them in ) just drink some alcohol turn down the lights turn up the speakers!!!!!!..... actually i have done about half a dozen gigs this year, i might do twenty plus if they pay a decent amount!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your musical influences
butthole surfers, jimi hendrix experience, john shuttleworth, early swans, captain beefheart, the residents, joy division, max reger organ music, franz listz organ music, bert firmans rhythmic eight, 1920s, the sylvians, oliver reed. ravi shankar, shivkumar sharma, japanese koto. humpback whales.
What equipment do you use?
car boot keyboards as this is all i can afford unless i become teatotal, i also use a toy megaphone, imitation (fog horn) heavy guitar, sound effects, toy guitar, animal sounds, i have the world wide copyright on fog horn guitar (pending)
Anything else?
i hate....oasis, dire straits, mediocrity, rap, the streets, U 2, cliff richard, doctor hook,x factor,z factor,bon jovi, michael jackson, arctic monkeys, religous fundamentalists,chavs, thugs, living dead people, bad manners, unbearable bores.......gettin it?
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