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the Musicated Minor
the Musicated Minor
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Singer, pianist, writer, musician, dancer, and producer.
[Singer][Pianist][Writer][Graphic Artist][Producer][Dance][Music][Art][LIFE]
Band/artist history
According to my mother, I have been singing since I have been able to make any noise period. She is convinced that I used to sing myself to sleep as an infant. As I grew older, I was around musicians constantly. My mother had a passion to sing and was a well-rounded lover of all good,real music. I was exposed to many genres while coming up. My father was a producer who had a passion for music and just about every style it came in. My Nana and Papa on my mother's side were DJs/KJs (karaoke jockeys) and my Nana was a country singer to back it. When I was in the 6th grade, I had the urge from out of no where to try-out for our school talent show. Singing along with a track behind me, I whispered over the microphone and didn't make it. I was not upset this time around because to me, it was something fun to do. Everytime after that, my sentiments were different. I tried out again the next year, and that time I made it. With it being my first time singing in front of a crowd, I sung well, but not outstandingly so. My first ground breaking moment, was when I won first place the next year. This was my beginning to the long road of becoming an aspiring artist of substance. From the 8th grade on, I was in chorus. Music had finally crept it's way to my full attention. It was there all along, but it took time to completely take me. Now, music was associated with Michael. When I would go visit my Nana and Papa in Florida, I would go alongside them to their karaoke shows presented at random bars that were filled with mostly senior citizens. I sang songs they knew, as well as songs from my generation. This ranged from country songs, to 80's and 90's songs, and the songs that were currently out at the time. Along with my love for singing and music in general, I had always had an infatuation with pianos. I had always wanted to play the piano. It was so serious that I would play EVERY piano or keyboard I came in contact with. This even included toy keyboards in stores I would be in. I was finally given one by my Papa one summer. It was my Nana's, who had the urge to wanna learn, and soon after lost the urge. This was the beginning of my journey to being able to play the piano. Writing had been my outlet all of my life. I have always had many things to say and different stories to tell. Now I was equipped fully with the gift of writing, being able to play the piano - and my favorite - being able to sing. My gifts were taken to the next level in late 2005 when one new, vibrant chorus teacher, Mrs. Funmilayo Harmon was thrust into my life. She opened up new opportunities for me and her amazing vocals helped mine to grow and mature. Since then, I have continued my studies of many great vocalists and musicians. I aspire to major in music composition and vocal. I sing daily, write when I'm inspired or have some things to deal with, and play every chance I get. A few Performances and Accomplishments: -1st place talent show winner (2003), Schofield Middle School -1st place talent show winner (2006), Aiken High School -Sang National Anthem @ Washington Wizards v. Sacremento Kings alongside the Aiken High Chorale (2006), Washington, DC -Sang The National Anthem @ our NJROTC inspection (2005), Aiken High School -Performed The National Anthem @ Aiken High's basketball game against the rival school (2006), Aiken High School -Performed an original song, "Gold'n-->Des10y," @ Black History Month assembly (2007) -Was requested to sing @ an Alpha Phi Alpha Beautillion - sang "Gold'd-->Des10y" (2007), Alpha Phi Alpha program Those being a few of many performances throughout my years. Although I didn't get my start in the church choir like most, I found myself in the choir as I got a little older. I joined the choir when I was 16, and this opened a new path towards my growth. I performed with the choir every Sunday, both services, and traveled with it to other churches. It was also here that I met another great musician, Ms. Karen Gordon, who exposed me to more piano playing and jazz. Gospel and jazz are now two heavily influenced aspects of my singing, which has allowed major growth. I've always done things my way and from my heart. God created us all to be different and I embrace my uniqueness and creativity. I love, live, and produce music. I am music
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed live, and I love doing so at chance! Every [successful] performance is a treasured moment to me.
Your musical influences
Life, emotions, the creative urge within me. Favorite Vocalists: - Karen Clark-Sheard - Twinkie Clark-Terrell - Fantasia Barrino - Jazmine Sullivan - Funmilayo Harmon - India.Arie - Beyonce Knowles - Shomoneik
What equipment do you use?
A piano and my computer
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