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Beneath the remains (dxb)
Beneath the remains (dxb)
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Beneath The Remains a metal band from Dubai..who has been playing for 3 years ..producing in a vast varity of metal music itself...spread their message through
In this Era, thrive a very few who aspire for a world bound by emotions that are driven through happiness. Nations without barriers and peace entitled to the common man. These are unattainable dreams, some may believe. Theyre the ones who live on long empty roads with no destination. The world being connected only through one thing which is the blessed sound of music. These 6 work hard to spread a message through their music. 29th September 2005, the formation of these individuals, where at a show they decided to form this band. In the beginning it was of four members, Jons on vocals, Aaron on drums, Tony and Sandeep on guitars. They were known as Beneath The Remains. It wasnt just a name to brand these individuals, its meaning was of how we are still beneath the corruption, injustice and so on. The word Remains incorporates how the world soon will remain in ruins if this persists. Beneath The Remains played their shows all over the U.A.E. At the start of their musical career they were the opening bands and soon moved to become headliners of various shows. In 2005 they recorded Impediment and Bitter rage. Impediment is about how the world is in turmoil and pain; how we should stand up, stay strong, and fight back in unity. Bitter rage well the name says it all. How rage has become a bitter way of dealing with things and how it is one of our imperfections an unworthy cause. In this time Beneath The Remains had bassists coming in and out, but none of them understood the music like how they did. As time passed they were happy to announce their new bassist Rukshan, they had been schoolmates for a long time. But soon Rukshan had felt that the bass was not where he could express himself. As the members didnt want to let him go, as he understood whats behind the music, he had become the third guitarist adding to the strength of the band supporting with leads and harmonies. August 2007 they recorded four new songs Sinners Mountain, Shattered Reflections, The Abattoir world and Carved Within. Around this time their drummer had to leave but they still stayed strong. Today the band is complete with Jons on vocals, Sandeep, Ryan and Rukshan on guitars, Tony on bass and Royston on drums.
Band/artist history
29th September was the formation of these individuals, where at a show they decided to take it upon themselves to spread the message. In the beginning it was of, four members Jons, Tony, Sandeep and Aaron. Where Jons was on vocals, Aaron on drums, Tony and Sandeep on guitars. They lacked a bassist as there was none to be found at that time. They were known as Beneath The Remains.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do play live..we play in the U.A.E in different states . We enjoy it because of the adrenaline rush and the crowds strong energy is also an experience when we play our music. Well there has been special moments such as encores and when half of the audience jumping on stage and headbanging their brains out .:)
Your musical influences
we dont have any musical influences drawn into our music as we produce only what we feel ...and the end result is metal ...well to know what we generally listen to are bands such korn, lamb of god, deicide, unearth , gojira, opeth, throwdown, nevermore, iron maiden, ac/dc, and many more.. we also listen to classical music, house, trance, hip hop, jazz ..we just enjoy listening to all types of music
What equipment do you use?
Scheter Guitars, Shure and , Ibanez mics Tama Drums,
Anything else?
We are living in this age of sin history hasnt stop repeating itself.Most importantly, how the world forgets that when we are cut, we all bleed.