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Rokk Mofo
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ChrisMorale, Fadaze and MofoHari work together bringin our own feel and freshness to hip hop..we guarantee u haven't heard anything like it before!!
Scoopfroot:FaDaze+MofoHari Prod Chrismorale
Peak in sub-genre #26
The Shakes
Peak in sub-genre #70
Access Denied!!
Peak position #2
In My Dreamz ~Villain Remix~
Peak in sub-genre #31
TalkSweet ~Villain Remix~
Peak in sub-genre #15
Da SclloooopFllooop (demo)
Grown Woman Soul
Peak position #1
Worth Fighting For (Demo)
Peak in sub-genre #65
Pearls (Demo)
Peak in sub-genre #9
Angel and Da Villain ~Villain Remix~ (Demo)
Game Over ~Villain Remix~
Peak in sub-genre #23
Rokk Mofo is 'The Villain' aka ChrisMorale, 'Da Gooch' aka Fadaze and 'MofoHari' aka Madam Donna..We have worked together since February 06 bringin realness to hip hop and our minds mesh together like magic to create a unique freshness that we guarantee u have neva heard bfore!!
Band/artist history
Chris Morale: Background Chris Moore bka Chris Morale, The Villain, M.O., The Most Hated, Dr Monroe Mofo, began rapping at the age of 10. He recalls freestyling at every opportunity whether in class or at the lunch table and writing little raps whenever they would come into his head. He recalls of that time ‘I did it cuz I guess I thought it was cool I wasn’t that good thoI was actually terribleOne thing I do remember is that a lot of dudes was biting flows (like stealing lyrics from known dudes) and incorperatin shit in2 their rap..I wasn’t really doin that..’ His ideas were always fresh, even at that young age. Chris first recorded with another rapper at the age of 11 and still has the tapes from that period. Of his first album which was recorded around 1994, he says the quality and material was poor, although some of the beats were good..he was creating beats using manual looping, which slowed the process to some extent. When asked what inspired his lyrics, Chris responded ‘when I write lyrics..sometimes I don’t even write write to a beat..sounds ass backwards-but its how idoI might have the beat in my head-but I like freeness of just rambling on paper and then at times as I recordor when I get to it-I spit (rap) itsee how it soundtake some out-add some on..etc etc..spice it up..or other timesI might have an idea and it would match a certain style of beat and I just write wit that shape of the words in mind..and things that inspire me to write are my dreams-conversations that I hear or engage in..or even things that I want to do or want to say to folks..its like I write it out-and its said..or I write to a situation I’m in..not like “oh I’m feelin sadnah-its “why u messin wit my mind again”like writing to my problem..and it may not even be a person..could be like that quote says “its all in your mind”..my imagination too..like ahhh-wonder what it would be like ifmost of my shit come when I’m not even around music, hands on..i write prolly more away from my studio than I do when I am here..As for beats..i make the beats I wanna hear folks on..like the shit I hear-I hear music in pieces..like I can breat apart a song as I hear it into tracks..instruments..with the think process-not like some insane shit..hard to explain..its like seeing the ingredients to a pie and then seein it as is..u know what it is..and what its functionality is. I just like beats that make u zone outu know..tried different things-not really ‘styles’ its whatever is movin me that day..or like sometimes I hear a sound and be like..damn I wonder what that would sound like wit such and such on it..or slowed down..or what if I struttered that first part..what if I can make it skip backwards..like just hearin one lil section, I can replay it in my mind and have my hands do it..SOMETIMES..lol..like 95% of the time’. Chris Morale (M.O.) aspires to ‘be out in the industry workin wit the folks that I like-that includes signed and unsigned folksmaking connectionsconnecting concepts I have for certain things..like the shit I sit around and dream ofmake that shit happen “building foundation on some skinny shoulders” as the song says..and then being able to have my situation survive from there..don’t want to have to depend on anyone to give me shit unless I ask first..like if I’m like ‘when and how’..thats all I need to know..not ‘can’ or ‘maybe if I’..just do it!..u know..wit ease..no pressure..so I’m building my own..giving folks samples like mofos in the mall wit food like on toothpicks..big meaty portions on toothpicks and when its time and they hungry-they know where to go..im whettin their mouf I’m prolly the poorest producer u know..lol..starvin like marvin..but I think money woulda made me crazy to a degree-so I don’t mind the slowmotioness of it all..its like I get time to breath and fuck around so to speak without folks losin it on me..my goal is to keep doin what I’m doin..thats all-get better-help the next one wit jewels and words of mind or a push and have that cycle continue on..my glory is seein that person just doin their shit..u know..its like damn’.. When asked for his closing thoughts, M.O. said ‘hmmmmore ChrisMorale in 07..the campaign begins..no more hate..no more..hate..no more hate..no more hate..’chantin’..stop the hate! Stop the hate!... aaamennn Mr Morale..aaamennn Fadaze: Background Lance Howard bka FaDaze, da Gooch, Nicky Santoro fell in love with hip hop from the age of 6 and has been influenced by the music since his earliest memories growing up in Teaneck New Jersey. He recalls 'The Best was living next door to hip hop pioneer Master Gee and down the block from Sugar Hill founder Sylvia Robinson'. Of his childhood days he remembers that, where other children his age were playing basketball or with toy cars, he was already breakdancing, and was participating in competitions while in first grade! He started to rhyme and work with beats in the 6th grade, while continuing to impress the public in the competitions/talent shows he entered. By his teenage years he was completely devoted to and focussed on hip hop. His parents divorced when he was 13 and Fadaze moved to lived with his grandparents in South New Jersey. Despite going to a new school and his everyday struggles of life in a new home, he could not forget about the music he loved and continued to work with rhyming and making beats. It was in these teenage years he met Wally and Chase who became his friends and co-workers in music. It wasn't long before the three of them wrote/produced five songs which they performed with success in local talent shows. Two years later Fadaze returned to South Jersey to live with his Dad, taking a break from music for awhile to focus on basketball..Through hard work, determination and skill Fadaze achieved a college scholarship, although hip hop continued to influence his mind and heart. By 1997 he was again working with music and, after some hard work in the studio, Fadaze's first song came out, "Live. eviL" featuring Chris Moore aka M.O., his cousin, friend and music partner. By 1998 Fadaze moved back to South Jersey and took his role as a musicmaker and producer very seriously. He was experimenting with beats and tracks, developing his own style and ideas. One of the projects Fadaze worked on was dubbed 'hood banga' for the South Jersey area "We R Too Strong". In 2004 Fadaze was involved in some trouble and was locked up for 6 months. During this hard time he became deeply contemplative, mentally collecting ideas, beats and rhymes in his mind. By the time of his released he says he was '1000% focused on music', and transfered his ideas into reality. Fadaze was full of incredible energy, like a bomb ready to explode, and focused that by working diligently day and night on his music. He started to rap and worked with a lot of underground producers all over the country: M.O., Marcus Prime, Ras J, Yung Rich, Tone Spliff, Wyze Intellect, Akil Sharp, Bigg T, Sarkism, JR Heetrokk & Fah Q! Fadaze woke up everyday with a new idea for a new song and in just one year he released 3 underground albums: 1. "Its only me", 2. "Born B Boy" and 3. "Yo No Sey". Fadaze's style has developed in those years into a unique, fresh and with sense of style. He calls it " Reel hiphop da only way, i do..." Fadaze isn't after 'big money'. His main goal is, to bring back the essence of true HipHop. Not just rap music..he wants to bring the breakdancing, graffiti, djing, emceeing, the culture, fashion and the real rhymes back. Fadaze is a young man with lots of ideas and inspiration. He had ups and downs in his life, and during those years from birth untill now, HipHop was always at his side. He never left HipHop and HipHop never left him. HipHop is for Fadaze, not just a genre of music, but he sees it as a culture in its wholeness, including its music, fashion, dance, just everything, its the way of true life! MofoHari: Background Donna Hunt aka Madam Donna, MofoHari, Angel, has been writing poetry and short stories since childhood. She says she still has a story her dad sent her that she had written at the age of 6 and poems written around the age of 11-12. So rhyming has always been in Donna's heart and mind. She grew up in California with a family that was musically oriented. She and her older sister would occasionally help their dad write little 'fun songs' for entertainment. She also recalls the family sitting around a piano with her grandma playing, everybody singing while making noises with pots, pans, spoons or whatever was handy at the time. She says that those are her happiest memories. Her grandma was involved in amateur dramatics and was an accomplished singer, who occasionally would correct Donna's breathing or answer questions she would ask as a child, as singing was always very important to her. Donna remembers singing in school and church choirs and loving that too. She had a rough time growing up after the divorce of her parents when she was 7, living with her extremely strict and devoutly religious grandparents from age 7-9. She and her older sister were not allowed to play with other children because they were not of the same faith, so they would sneak off to play with them and 'pretend we were in a band..but because i was the younger sister i always had to sing backing vocals, never the lead' she laughs. Her father remarried when she was 9 and Donna, feeling unsettled in that new life, turned more and more to her poetry as a means of release and expression of emotions which she felt she was not allowed or able to express openly. By 16 she was considered a 'rebellious teenager' and after running away from home she was sent to job corps to learn a skill, but ran away from there and 'escaped' to her mother's house..She says that life there was less than happy at that time and, at nearly 17 Donna was again on the run, learning about life on the streets and seeing/experiencing a lot of the harsher realities of life. All this was stored away in her memory and has given a lot of inspiration for things to write about later. At nearly 20 she travelled alone to the UK to start a new life and now is a single mom of a much loved little girl (Amy), who is now 8. Poetry continued to be large part of her life but around 2002 news reached her that her dad had a terminal illness and was not expected to survive for long. She wanted to do something good for him that would make him happy, so she attempted to put her poetry to music..She wrote 3 songs and recorded them on a Tascam 4 track casette recorder and sent it to him. He was thrilled and gradually Donna became more and more addicted to writing/recording in this way. (She says that thankfully her Dad has improved and doing well!!) Her own health began to deteriorate around 2004 when she was stricken with M.E., through which she lost her mobility and says she became virtually housebound for a couple of years..It was again her music and daughter she depended on to get through those hard times and was writing/recording more and more of her own material whenever she had the strength, and in December 2005 uploaded some of her work and online collabs on a couple of music sites. In February 2006 Donna had uploaded and promo'd one of her own songs 'Out of My Mind' which did surprisingly well on the charts for a long period of time. At this time she was contacted by Fadaze who invited her to do a collab with him, even though the songs she had been writing on her own at home had an acoustic or keyboard feel up to this point..with a lot of pain poured into them. In a 'middle of the night inspiration' she had an idea for a hip hop version of an acoustic song she had done 'Contemplations' and asked Fadaze if he could do something with that. With the help of Marcus Prime they did a remix of that song and Donna says 'it is one of my favorites of the songs we have done together, partly because of the sentimental side..being the song that led us to create so many more together!!' In May 2006 Fadaze introduced Donna to his cousin ChrisMorale and the first song they did together was 'Lifted'..This led to many more and she says 'the inspiration that bounces between us is pure magic when we are creating...a line or a phrase is all i need from Chris or Fadaze sometimes when we are talking online, to send me off on some imagery or concept or storyline to write about..its a beautiful thing and like nothing i have experienced before'.. Donna says since working with ChrisMorale and Fadaze she has become hooked on Hip Hop, the culture, everything about it and looks forward to every new track they do together as if it were their first..As her health and strength improves and progresses, she says she is trying to get over to meet them for the first time and maybe record in a live situation, which for her would be a dream fulfilled. Asked for her closing thoughts Donna said 'Working with Chris and Fadaze i feel i have come home, have found where i belong musically and i'm growing all the time..theres a whole lot more inside me and all of us to come out creatively..i can't wait to see what comes out next..they keep feedin my addiction sooooo beautifully...they are both amazingly talented, mentally sharp, sometimes i'd even sware they were psychic, with a lifetime of musical experience between them..AND they are both so HOT..what more could a girl ask for? oh yeaaa iiiiii love my job..lol' ..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not together..YET..but that's smthin we are workin on!!!! Get at us if u want to see us live!!
Your musical influences
Nas, Boot Camp Clik, MOP, ODB, BIG, Gang Starr, Wu-Tang, Raekwon, Gza, Rza, Special K Solo, Black Moon, The Beatnuts, Killer Mike, Snoop Dog, Rakim the great men/ladies of R&B
What equipment do you use?
ChrisMorale: Fadaze: Donna: Cakewalk, CEP
Anything else?
For fresh, studio quality beats from $100 to $1,000 contact chrismorale to discuss details: chrismorale720 (aim) chrismorale03 (yahoo) Our other sites: www.myspace.com/chrismorale www.myspace.com/jerseychrismorale www.myspace.com/originalchrismorale www.myspace.com/fadaze www.myspace.com/modaze www.myspace.com/maddppull www.myspace.com/onesongmanyvoices www.soundclick.com/chrismoraleinstrumentalz www.soundclick.com/chrismorale www.soundclick.com/maddppull www.soundclick.com/donnaathome
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