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Baby Face and the Heels
Baby Face and the Heels
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We were founded to distribute the music of Baby Face and the Heels, the best tribute band to The Cowboy Gondoliers in the city.
Jenny's Rhumba
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My Complete And Utter Love For Yinka
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Yinka The Able Slave (feat. Your Ugly Fat Momma)
Lawdy, Mama
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Baby Face and the Heels are a tribute band to the greatest band in the Universe, The Cowboy Gondoliers, by performing their songs as often as possible. Egregious Records represents other artists too now (learn more about them elsewhere) but for now, here's the story of Baby Face and the Heels: The lineup: Matt "Baby Face" Love - Bass, Vocals Your Ugly Fat Momma - Rhythm Guitar and vocals Zach Curley - Lead Guitar Elan "Commissioner" Gordon - Drums They haven't been around long, but they're gonna make some waves I guarendamntee it. Heres their story, as they related it to me. Your Ugly Fat Momma drove to Camrose with his friend Matt Love to see the Gonds (as they like to call the band). It was reportedly a totally awesome show, but Momma was really tired when it was over - spent by the drama of the performance, so Matt volunteered to drive. Momma recalls, "As I drifted off to sleep Matt said 'there's a gas station a few kilometres up the road, I'll stop to get a cup of coffee.'" He went on to say, "When I came back to consciousness standing up to my knees in water. My car was totalled, and I had a concussion. I had knocked the windshield out of the car with my forehead (which explains a lot of what's happened to me since). Matt was thrown out of the car, and had some broken ribs and a punctured lung. He spent a few days in the hospital, and when he got out, we realized we'd been spared for a reason. We had a mission in life - so we formed our Cowboy Gondoliers cover band." At first they were known as "Herman Melville and the Blue Notes," for obvious reasons. They had a minor local hit with their cover of The Cowboy Gondoliers powerful whaling saga, "If You Don't Know Me By Now (I'm some inert, coiled fish of the sea)" However, They did not realize that Herman Melville was still alive (too bad they didnt have me around then to advise them, I could have told them that!). The author took legal action against the band over use of the name, forcing them to change their name to Baby Face and the Heels. Some rock music trivia for you all - the litiguous author also took legal action against Neil Young, who used the Blue Notes name for his back-up band on his album This Note's for You, forcing the singer to change the name of the band to "Ten Men Workin'" during the balance of the tour that promoted the This Note's for You album. Anyway, getting back to the present, The Swine Flu has been declared a global pandemic, and The Swine Flu song has been declared a global hit - currently # 2 on the Alternative Avant Rock charts. Check it out, it will make you feel better about being sick, and help push it to number one! They are a little embarrassed that there version has completely eclypsed the Gonds original, but Ive assured them that these things happen, and it doesnt take away from their heroes, it contributes to their legend. This is what Sandie said about Swine Flu: "OMG...THAT WAS FUNNY I have been off work since friday with the flu...don't think its swine....but its the worst flu I have had in my life----so it very well might be. If you or someone you know has flu symptons....call dr and get antiboitics!!!!! I did not call until yesterday and I was in pain from infection. Got antibotics last night and they did not break the infection until about 4am...almost 12 hours after taking the first 2 pills." ****** Yes, the song is funny, but the flu is no laughing matter - Sandie's got some good advice here, you should follow it!
Band/artist history
Sitting, scratching, eating, yawning, eating some more, counting money.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Their performance at Cafe Electrico was filmed and used in the movie "Plan 33 1/3 From Outer Space"
Your musical influences
The Cowboy Gondoliers
What equipment do you use?
Basic rock stuff
Anything else?
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