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Imphenzia reaches a worldwide audience with the mixture of trance, club and goa influenced music. Despite the vast number of electronic artists of today, the so
Spins - In Your Arms (Imphenzia Remix)
Peak position #95
Low Poly Universe (Spacesynth)
Peak position #36
Nostalgia (Dub Chill Edit)
Peak position #17
Spirit Within You (Piano)
Peak position #16
Spirit Within You (Chillout Edit)
Peak in sub-genre #2
Spirit Within You (Club Edit)
Peak in sub-genre #23
Nostalgia (Retreat Edit)
Peak position #29
Imaginary Friend (Unreal Edit)
Peak in sub-genre #4
Duplicate My Soul (Piano)
Peak position #5
Mind Machine (Hibernation Edit)
Peak position #67
New Album: I Am Imphenzia
*** Welcome to free club, trance, goa and dance music. Imphenzia tracks have been downloaded in excess of 1'000'000 times with a steep curve of increasing number of visitors. Albums and more information available at www.imphenzia.com
Band/artist history
2012 - New album "I Am Imphenzia" - celebrating 15 years of Imphenzia. 2011 - New web site launched - check it out (www.imphenzia.com), new album "Chillout" 2010 - Release of new tracks and album Duplicate My Soul 2009 - Imphenzia Soundtrack launched along with new music. Massive site update! 2008 - Album Illusion released. Blog launched. 2007 - New music is being released. New master keyboard: Roland FP-7 and move towards more computer based setup rather than external units. 2005 - Due to other commitments and moving around music has been on hold - to be resumed soon. 2004 - Due to other commitments and moving around music has been on hold. 2003 - www.imphenzia.com relaunched 2002 - Reached #1 in mp3.com charts. Released double disc album "Event Horizon" (including the bonus disc Parallax). 2001 - Released most successful single "Daydreamer". Working towards the third album release! 2000 - Released second album "Propulsion" - more club oriented trance, some and two Goa tracks. 1999 - Released first album "Sector" - trance / goa influenced. Registered on mp3.com. Moved from Sweden to the UK (Liverpool). 1998 - Continued making tracks, mostly harder trance and goa. Started using Sequencing software instead of Trackers. Purchased the first Synth (Roland JX305). 1997 - Changed project name to Imphenzia. Released first track "Subland". 1992 - 1996 - Made music under the project name of "Elite Beat" using tracker software (Fast Tracker II). Most tracks are still not released to the public and stored away for now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No live gigs yet
Your musical influences
Any trance music with good melodies and a solid beat along with epic movie style music.
What equipment do you use?
Computer CPU: Quadcore 3.2GHz Memory: 24GB DDR3 Disks: 1x120GB SDD, 1x256GB SDD, 3x1.5TB SATA Sound Card Creamware Pulsar II - 6 x DSP powered studio card Takes care of all audio Routing/EQ/Compression/Reverb/Delay and so on - no need for external gear :) It also has an awsome arsenal of DSP powered soft synths! External Stuff Roland FP-7 Master Keyboard Historic equiment: Yamaha CS6R, EMU X-Lead 1, Novation A-Station, Roland JX-305, Emagic AMT8, Fostex VC-8, Shure SM57 Microphone Software: Steinberg Cubase 5 reFX Nexus 2 + 6 expansion packs reFX Vanguard + 12 expansion packs LennarDigital Sylenth1 East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold East West Quantum Leap Piano Gold East West Ministry of Rock East West Quantum Leap Goliath East West Voices of Passion East West Symphonic Choir East West Storm Drum 2
Anything else?
While the music is difficult to classify, Imphenzia reaches a worldwide audience with the mixture of trance, club and goa influenced music. Despite the vast number of electronic artists of today, the sound of Imphenzia carries unique characteristics that daily attract more listeners. Mainly releasing his music on the Internet has enabled tens of thousands of listeners from around the world to enjoy the hypnotic moods created in his compositions. Stefan was born in Haninge a few miles south of Stockholm, Sweden in the year 1975. By making short segments of music for multimedia presentations in the early 1990s his interest quickly grew and full-length electronic tracks started to take shape. Being nothing more than a spare time hobby, the hardware set up was very limited and tracks were produced using nothing more than a computer and a piece of software called "Fast Tracker". During the first years the tracks were made in a project named "Elite Beat", and most of the completed tracks remain unreleased yet today. It wasn't until 1997 that Imphenzia emerged, replacing the previous Elite Beat project. Tracks were released on the Internet and as the public showed much interest in the music, Stefan focused more resources and time, aiming to further progress as a musician and artist. The first independent album named "Sector" was released in the summer of 1999. Apart from being sold on and off the Internet, Sector also acted as the first demo CD. Shortly after the release of Sector, Stefan moved from Sweden to live in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The following year Imphenzia released another album, "Propulsion", which raised the interest of numerous magazines, radio stations and on-line music web sites. Tracks included on the Propulsion album earned great reviews in magazines such as Computer Music, and also rocketed Imphenzia to a #2 position in the trance charts on the influential European music site "peoplesound.com". The music can appropriately be described as lavishly filtered layers of euphoric pads, samples and effects with a deep genuine beat. While the majority of earlier releases were heavily genre focused and purely instrumental - new elements are being introduced as Imphenzia progresses. Also, the voice of another quickly emerging Internet artist Nicky F. can be heard in vocal performances in several of the later releases. Nicky will continue to work closely with Imphenzia bringing the music to life with vocals. The third (double disc) album, Event Horizon, was released in October 2002 and the fourth album Illusion was released in early 2008. Today, Imphenzia is drawing more listeners by the day and the milestone of a first record release through an established label is within reach. Apart from releasing tracks on the Internet and other media, Imphenzia is also preparing a live act for public performances.
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