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Your Best Friend
Your Best Friend
2 Tracks
Mutant pop music, acidic soundscapes of seraphic calm, Snake and furniture music, Complex rhythms, sinister synths, IDMutant Concréte
structures writing waves
Now, How About Drums
"Soulful, artful and mysterious (...) There are some great textural combinations and dynamics at work here, from hollow ambient drums to sweeping synths, right back to flanged synth. All of these contrasting, complimenting elements are tied together in an almost flawless manner that has to be admired. These guys have a good ear and have evidently paid great attention to detail in their work. (...) one of the best praises I can assign to music like this is that it truly never repeats itself and does indeed seem to evolve rather than step back on to what has already been established a great quality in my opinion. Overall I liked this, I liked it a great deal. It has a personality, it instilled curiosity and it made a lot of sense musically." - Anton Wulfen, Gods of Music
Band/artist history
Formed by Danish childhood chums, Dennis "Nico" Nicolaisen and Thomas Ankjer Vedel in the early 90'ies. Your Best Friend has been on a long journey striving to reach and move the frontiers they encounter when exploring progressive and experimental music. Not afraid to experiment with different genres and combine both digital, analogue and acoustic instruments to create the Y*B*F sound, the band continues to explore the magical world of music to this day. Over the years many musicians have collaborated with the duo. Currently Janus Vedel, brother of Thomas is in deep collaboration with the band. As such Y*B*F is always interested in creative and talented musicians to collaborate with.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live
Your musical influences
Urbi et Orbi
What equipment do you use?
Roland TD 20 V-drums, Korg ms2000b, Korg Electribes, Roland Hand sonic, Lap top and Soft synths and old synths