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industrial tech metal trance.
07. Watchful Eyes (bonus song)
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NEW SOCIETY Members in Recordings: Rick Roman JR - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Programing, Bass Guitar and Anyone I want to use Live or in Recordings. Ricky Roman - Guitar, Drums Pat Rogan - Drums (Live Drums) Frank Spaeth (HomeBoy Frankie) Rhymes Art Schmalz - Keyboards Eric Reinke - Guitar and other James Wayman - Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar, Backup Vocals Dennis Linn - Drums Tom McDonald - Drums Marve Hobbs - Guitar Chad Burgett - Drums, Keyboard Programing Eric Richards - Bass Guitar Jason Messner - Bass Guitar Terran Westbrook (SURFACEX) - Guitar and Support Computer Engineer ::::::::::::::::::::::::
Band/artist history
Rick Roman JR. of NEW SOCIETY started experimenting with tech / industrial muzik in Chicagoland ILLINOIS and was styled with Wax Trax muzik and other goth muzik, Rick named the endeavor "Society Mode", with tape versions of (A Taste of black) and (So Red A Revelation). a mix of strange muzik and words. In the year of 1990, The endeavor was named "New Society". James Wayman , a friend of Rick,quit his band "AWAYKENING"and started working with Rick's muzik. Rick found a drummer named Dennis Linn. Some new songs were put in the (So Red A Revelation) tape,and other "New Society" tapes. The "Society Mode" tapes were renamed as "New Society". Sometime after Dennis had gone from the endeavor and started college. Rick and James then used a drum machine and accomplished the "New Society"(True Faith)tape. Near the same time James started college,yet when home from School,James worked in the studio on muzik with Rick. Some time after,Eric Reinke and other muzishans started working with the"New Society" muzik. In the year 1998 the studio was destroyed,some of the old muzik was destroyed and parts of the new muzik.Rebuilding the studio took a few years,and Rick bought his first computer in the year 1999,a big change in sound,and better then tape. The things Rick hates about computers is things named "Wizard",and Rick hates the computers of evil men that could slave mankind. NEW SOCIETY Biography CD/Tape: New Society - A Taste of Black (Roman Recordings, 1990) New Society - So Red a Revelation (Roman Recordings, 1990) New Society - True Faith (Roman Recordings, 1990) New Society - Eternity (Roman Recordings, 1992) New Society - Election Fact 1c (Roman Recordings, 1992) New Society - Children of the Beast (Roman Recordings, 1992) New Society - In Focus (Roman Recordings, 1993) New Society - Endless Frontier (Key Records and Roman Recordings, 1994) New Society - Evil Age (Roman Recordings, 1995) New Society - Purest Black destruction (Roman Recordings, 1998) New Society - Enter The Strait Gate,and Narrow Way (Roman Recordings, 2003 2007) NEW SOCIETY Biography FREE Digital Downloads: New Society - 2001 (Roman Recordings) New Society - Enter The Strait Gate,and Narrow Way (Roman Recordings, 2007) New Society - Living A.mung' Evil (Roman Recordings) New Society - Happy Birthday Jesus Christ (Roman Recordings) New Society - True Faith (Roman Recordings) New Society - Wanting Water (Roman Recordings) New Society - REG NO 2615161 (Roman Recordings) New Society - Tree (Roman Recordings) New Society - Exodus (Roman Recordings) New Society - The Elect (Roman Recordings) New Society - New Life (Roman Recordings) New Society - The Others (Roman Recordings) New Society - Broken (Roman Recordings) NEW SOCIETY compilation appearances CD/Tape/Digital Downloads: Various Artists - (Cornucopia Compilation, 1994) - New Society "Pass That Money Plate" Various Artists - Electro Shock Therapy (R.E.X. Music, 1995) - New Society "Chains of Hell" Various Artists - Flaming Fish Music Odd-E-O 'Zine Vol. 2 (Flaming Fish Music, 1996) - New Society "Rush" Various Artists - Ballistic Test One (Flaming Fish Music, 1997) - New Society "Broken" (demo) Various Artists - Escape the Furnace 1 & 2 (Blacklight Records, 1997) - New Society "Broken" Various Artists - Collapsing Structure (Blacklight Records, 1998) - New Society "Pain" Various Artists - Terra Firma vs. The Atmosphere (Blacklight Records, 1998) - New Society "Altered Self" Various Artists - Ballistic Test Six (Flaming Fish Music, 1998) - New Society "Act" Various Artists - Around the World in 60 Minutes (HOUSE OF JORDAN ENTERTAINMENT, 2001) - New Society "Jesus save me" Various Artists - The Harder,The Better Volume Two (TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS, 2002) - New Society Wash" Various Artists - The Harder,The Better Volume four (TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS, 2003) - New Society "Don't Taste Di.strukishan" Various Artists - The Harder,The Better Volume ten (TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS, 2005) - New Society "Rize" Various Artists - Sinister Music inc,Compelation Series (SINISTER MUSIC INC 2008) Featuring artists from: ROADRUNNER, TRUSTKILL, FERRET, & CENTURY MEDIA. New Society Wanting Water Various Artists - Sinister Music inc,Compelation Series at METALLICA / MACHINE HEAD TOUR 2009(SINISTER MUSIC INC 2009) Featuring artists from: ROADRUNNER, TRUSTKILL, FERRET, & CENTURY MEDIA. New Society Wanting Water
Anything else?
================================================== NEW SOCIETY SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/#newsociety-rickromanjr NEW SOCIETY RetroOfficialHomePage http://www.geocities.ws/newsociety/ NEW SOCIETY SoundClick http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=698287 NEW SOCIETY at Last FM http://www.last.fm/music/NEW+SOCIETY%C2%AE#close NEW SOCIETY store http://newsocietystore.webs.com/ NEW SOCIETY ustream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/new-society ================================================== Friends of New Society and members: SurfaceX http://surfacex.bandcamp.com/ Surfacex at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/surfacexmusic Other Links: Rick Roman Jr. https://www.facebook.com/rick.j.roman.5 RomanRecordings at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN4GNVeqCB-Q6Mhn_i6MNBQ RomanRecordings at soundclick http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=Roman%20Recordings RomanRecordings.com http://www.romanrecordings.com Christian Industrial Radio http://www.christianindustrial.net/j/ FlamingFish Music http://www.flamingfish.com/ COPYRIGHT OF RICHARD ROMAN/ROMAN RECORDINGS, NEW SOCIETY IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK. MAKE MANY COPIES OF THE NEW SOCIETY MUSIC AND BAND NAME IN THE CD OR DOWNLOADS.GIVE THE NEW SOCIETY MUSIC AND BAND NAME TO YOUR FRIENDS OR IN THE INTERNET AS A NEW SOCIETY WORK OF RICHARD ROMAN/RICK ROMAN JR, THE MUSIC IS FREE. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELL ANY OF THE NEW SOCIETY MUSIC AND BAND NAME WITHOUT PERMISSION. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE THE MUSIC AND BAND NAME IN VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES OR COMMERCIALS, ADVERTISEMENTS WITHOUT PERMISSION. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CLAIM THE NEW SOCIETY COPYRIGHT MUSIC AND TRADEMARK NAME NEW SOCIETY AS YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY. NEW SOCIETY IS PERSONAL PROPERTY OF RICHARD ROMAN OF ROMAN RECORDINGS.
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