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Sag Bunny
Sag Bunny
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A one bunny band.
Sag Bunny... Just a bunny doing what a bunny has to do.
Band/artist history
1945 - Born (on farmer Joe's farm). 1965 - Saw the Seekers play live. 1965 - Saw a psychologist. 1967 - Formed a band called "Very Bunny." 1968 - Band splits up due to "creative" differences. 1969 - Formed another band called "The Honey Bunnies" 1972 - Six months jail ("attempting to import illegal carrots") 1973 - Band splits up (see 1972) 1974 - Promoted the "Sag Bunny No Fat Grill". 1975 - Book "Sag Bunny - The Truth Behind The Electric Fence." 1980 - Purchase "Energy Dome" 1982 - Randy's Pet Emporium sells me to Brian Eno. 1985 - Solo album "Are We Not Men? We Are Bunnies!" 1986 - Brian releases me back into the wild. 1987 - Started a religious cult. 1988 - Religious cult closed down ("tax fraud") 1989 - Retirement. 1993 - BEcon (Oxford University) 1996 - MBA (Harvard University) 1997 - PhD (Internet) 1999 - Forced out of retirement by accountant. 1999 - One off ($10m) concert for fans in Japan. 2005 - Release single "No Money No Bunny" 2007 - The "Analog Carrots" tour.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Only in the burrows and on farmer Joe's farm at Christmas time. I do like playing live especially when the female bunnies throw their carrots at me when I'm on stage. In fact a particularly special moment was when I went backstage with some female bunnies back in '69 and they still had their carrots with them...I will never ever forget that night.
Your musical influences
Devo - Before they bought their synths. Art Garfunkel - Only when he's acting in movies. N Sync - After they broke up.
What equipment do you use?
The usual white goods ..... Fridge, microwave, kettle etc.
Anything else?
When you listen to my songs you'll not only be able to hear, but you will also be able to feel and actually see, my inner beauty coming at you ... At least that's what the Japanese interpreter told me. And finally, with this in mind, please don't hate me becaue I'm a beautiful Sag Bunny! Sag Bunny (BEcon, MBA, PhD) ---------------------------------------- !!!!! UPDATE !!!!! Due to huge demand "Sag Bunny - The Truth Behind The Electric Fence" is currently (and slowly) being rewritten! The first chapter is finally complete and you can read it (for free) on his "official web page" !!! ----------------------------------------